Photos: Nor’easter brings over 13 inches of snow to Brooklyn

Winter-loving Brooklynites took to the frigid outdoors on Monday as the borough was blasted with a nor’easter that brought over 13 inches of snowfall. 

As the inclement weather approached, Gov. Andrew Cuomo declared a state of emergency in Kings County, as well as 43 other counties around the state. 

“This storm is creating very dangerous travel conditions throughout much of the state, making it critically important that New Yorkers stay home and stay off the roads,” Cuomo said. “Forecasts are projecting that the snowfall rate could reach two inches per hour this afternoon, and when that happens, it makes it extremely difficult for plows to keep up, especially with other vehicles on the road.”

Mayor Bill de Blasio took to social media to plead with city residents to stay off the roads, as Department of Sanitation plows are unable to keep up with the rapid pace of snowfall.  

“This snowstorm will be with us until late tonight,” he wrote. “@NYCSanitation plows are out on the streets across the five boroughs. But we could see two inches an hour. Be patient. Stay home and stay off the roads. Let New York’s Strongest do their work to keep the streets clean.”

The storm has also led to a number of dangerous snow-related situations, including when a city-employed plow truck drenched the road below the Brooklyn Queens Expressway while removing snow from the roadway’s overpass.

Others, however, simply took to social media to share in the excitement of the first major snow storm of 2021.

As a result of the massive weather event, the city has halted in-person schooling until Wednesday, and suspended alternate side parking until Saturday.

At typically-green spaces across the borough, families took to the slopes for some sledding.

“I love it,” said 11-year-old Fionn Daly. “There’s really a lot of snow and it’s fun to play in it with my friends.”

Daly and 12-year-old Milo Hoenig were among the many braving a big hill near Furman Street and Atlantic Avenue.

“It’s crazy to sled down here — it’s so tall,” said Milo. “It’s great for us to get outside for a little bit.”

But Brooklyn’s youngsters weren’t the only ones glad to be out in the cold.

“I was just getting tired of winter and then the blizzard came and saved the day,” said Cobble Hill resident Aley Kent as she made her way along the Brooklyn Bridge Park waterfront on cross-country skis.