So that’s why law offices are lined with old legal books

So that’s why law offices are lined with old legal books
Photo by Joshua Bousel

It’s the spirits of the law, not the letter of the law.

One brave attorney is turning the legal tomes that line many law offices into secret flasks with his Bushwick firm, Bender Bound.

Sure, he’s defacing important legal texts — but the end result makes it much more soothing to crack open an archive of federal court cases for the first time since law school.

“You just had a long day, and you look over and see this book,” said Kevin, a lawyer who asked this newspaper to conceal his identity so as not to scare off future clients. “No one else in the world knows that book is full of alcohol — it has a calming effect on people.”

The legal-beagle began moonlighting as a flask maker last year after searching for gifts for his groomsmen.

Most book safes are classic novels with metal flasks, which don’t keep liquor tasty for very long. So he decided to craft his own by carving out federal reporters, pilot manuals, medical books and even first-year parenting guides.

Each volume contains a glass flask from Italy — Johnnie Walker Black not included.

Kevin admits that lawyers make up a large part of his clientele, especially since he’s preserving a piece of history in a time when many litigators are chucking their hardcovers in favor of online databases.

“Most law firms keep hard copies on hand, but I don’t know many lawyers who use them,” said attorney Abbey Mansfield, who also keeps a boozy federal register on her office shelf. “It’s great that Bender Bound found a way to repurpose the books instead of having them just go in the trash.”

But does Mansfield privately sip from her own edition? She pleads the fifth — no not that kind of fifth!

“A lot of people have pretty stressful jobs,” Kevin said. “We’re definitely not trying to encourage them to drink at work, but if someone’s having a hard day, the secret book of alcohol will bring a smile to their face.”

Bender Bound will sell booze safes this weekend at the Brooklyn Flea [One Hanson Pl. at Flatbush Avenue in Downtown]. For info, www.benderbound.com.

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