So what agency would you audit?

“Audit Sanitation because the garbage pile-up these days is disgusting.” Nathan Clarke, Greenpoint
Photo By Alex Rush

So what agencies or businesses should be audited? We asked random Brooklynites:

“I want the Fire Department audited because I think they inspect buildings too infrequently.”
Esther Parks, Boerum Hill
Photo By Alex Rush

“Audit the MTA because the people running it are getting away with financial murder! Prices are going up and service is going down.”
Fred Verillo, Carroll Gardens
Photo By Alex Rush

“Audit the Department of Education because it doesn’t look as if enough money is going to the classrooms. And they don’t pay teachers enough.”
Aaron Walker, Bedford-Stuyvesant
Photo By Alex Rush

“They should audit the Department of Buildings for its inconsistencies. When there was a housing boom, they were lax on their oversight. During the housing bust, they seemed to be a lot stricter and slower with issuing construction permits.”
Neil Wehrle, Cobble Hill
Photo By Alex Rush

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