Someone stole lots of deodorant

78th Precinct

Park Slope

Smells like crime

Police apprehended a woman accused of stealing deodorant from a Ninth Street pharmacy on Aug. 10.

The perp entered the CVS between Fifth and Sixth avenues at around 3 pm and grabbed 14 underarm odor-killers made by Secret, investigators say. But she wasn’t so secretive about it — a witness told officials he saw the thief leaving the store with the deodorant in her purse.

The 39-year-old suspect faces charges of larceny, criminal possession of stolen property, and heroin possession, according to documents from the District Attorney’s office.

Down the drain

Two burglars would have gotten away with a First Street heist — if they didn’t return to the scene of the crime the next day to urinate on a car.

The caper begins when someone broke into a home between Seventh and Eighth avenues at noon on Aug. 10 and grabbed a bracelet, a pendant, and shoulder bag, according to the District Attorney’s office.

Cops were still investigating the case the following day at around 12:20 pm when they spotted two youths urinating on a car on First Street between Eighth Avenue and Prospect Park West.

They say they approached the juveniles and recovered the stolen valuables.


A scheming worker ripped off her Gowanus employer by stealing goods and putting company property up for sale on eBay, investigators say.

The electronics store employee allegedly shipped property from the shop, which is located on Second Avenue between 10th and 11th streets, to her home address, records from the District Attorney’s office indicate. And between May 15 and Aug. 7, the worker also turned a profit by posting merchandise on the online auction website.

Police arrested a 41-year-old suspect and charged her with larceny and criminal possession of stolen property.

— Ben Muessig

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