Special delivery! Brooklyn art lovers can now buy art before it’s made

Special delivery! Brooklyn art lovers can now buy art before it’s made

Farm shares are all the rage among Brooklyn locavores and it was only a matter of time before the model, which has participants purchase a season’s worth of veggies sight unseen, hit the art world.

As any Park Sloper worth her granola knows, a traditional farm share is cheaper than buying greens at the grocery store. The catch is that rather than selecting choice items in the produce aisle, the buyer gets an assortment of fruits and vegetables in a box delivered by the same nearby farm each week. In the art version, instead of radishes and radicchio, subscribers can sign up for a basket of watercolor and wall sculpture.

The enterprising folks at Community Supported Art and Design are now offering a grab bag of six works from six different artists for the up-front price of $500, which organizers say is a bargain basement rate that will allow art lovers to take home great works without the social anxiety of highfalutin gallery openings.

“There’s a lot of people out there who are maybe intimidated by gallery culture,” said Dianne Debicella, the art share’s cofounder and a director at the art advocacy group Fractured Atlas.

The asking price comes out to just $83.33 per art work and, in keeping with the farm share theme, the 12 participating artists are overwhelmingly Brooklyn based.

Would-be subscribers can check out six of the featured artists on the art share web site, minimizing the risk of buyer’s remorse. The artists were selected by a jury of art experts from 300 applications.

Half of the fall shares have yet to be bought. The shares will be available to pick up from Cobble Hill’s Recession Art on Sept. 21.

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