Squeak thief! Rodent stole woman’s mail for two months, exterminator says

Pack Rat: Exterminator James Molluso solved the mystery of a Bedford-Stuyvesant woman’s missing mail after he discovered a rat nest containing 35 letters.
Photo by James Molluso

Talk about a pack rat!

A Brooklyn exterminator solved the mystery of a Bedford-Stuyvesant woman’s missing mail on July 13 when he discovered a rat’s nest containing two months’ worth of lost letters beneath his client’s brownstone’s stairs.

“She though it was the post office’s fault, and was complaining to them,” said rodent slayer James Molluso, of Northeastern Exterminating.

The exterminator found some 35 unopened bills and other dispatches in the rat’s abode beneath the woman’s home on Halsey Street near Bedford Avenue. The mail was easy pickings for the bewhiskered bandit that Molluso dubbed “Mail Rat,” which would snatch it from the stairway’s landing, where a postal worker often tossed letters instead of using the mailbox, he said.

Rats build their nests with all sorts of household objects, said Molluso, who has found such random junk as baby toys and pill bottles in vermins’ pads.

“It wasn’t a surprise to me, you see all kinds of stuff,” he said. “Generally, its pretty much anything they can find.”

The rat, unfortunately, will pay the ultimate price for its crime, as Molluso laid bait traps that he said would kill it in a day or two.

The exterminator’s client declined to comment.

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