Stan finds gold in his desk

The official government name for it is the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. You and I know it as the $800 billion stimulus thing that was supposed to cure all that ails us. It was 1,100 pages long, nobody read it, and it produced very few results.

My left wing friends over in Los Angeles are still busy defending it even though the only provable results for my western pals are more than just a little bit below par. The city’s share of the act that nobody read was $111 million of your taxes. Total number of jobs created? … Drum roll please ….. FIFTY-FIVE.

Yes! That is so. The two million dollar cost per job is not something that is being shoveled our way by right wing talk show hosts. It comes to us directly from the most recent audit by Wendy Greuel, the L.A. City Comptroller, a very devout Democrat. The honest Ms. Gruel is not even attempting to sell us the BS …uh…SPIN about how many jobs that were possibly saved. How many synonyms can you find for the word disappointing?

The unemployment numbers in the Golden State exceed the national average. As of right now with the United States’ jobless rate at 9.6 percent, the latest numbers in California have climbed to 12.4 percent.In another attempt to overcome a mega-billion dollar budget deficit, the geniuses in the state government have decided to raise state taxes again. Great! Raising taxes is not the action to be taking while folks are out of work. Haven’t they noticed that companies and people with wealth have moved elsewhere where the taxes are a whole lot less? What I really do not understand is, with a state that is really loaded with so much tsuris, why do the losers insist on voting for the same tax and spenders who caused the problems back into office?

Stop snickering. It’s no better around here. Albert Einstein once said, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” Politically, insanity is re-electing the same candidates over and over again and expecting different results. New York has major problems. Public schools are far from the superiority of yesteryear. Roads are severely in disrepair. Sky high taxes have chased away many of the wealthy. Those same taxes have forced companies to relocate taking their jobs with them. And, of course, our state is deeply in debt. We really DO need change and yet, your neighbors will continue to elect and re-elect the same Chuck Schumer, Charles Rangel and Anthony Weiner with the hopes of achieving improved results and change. Insanity.


The following are some recent quotes. Who said them is not as important as the content of the message.

“Don’t forget to pay your taxes. 12 million illegal aliens are depending on you.”

“Now EARN that Nobel Peace Prize, Mr. President”

“Hey, if I was you, I’d want me to go away too. But I am not going away. I am here.”

Any one of the above is enough to stimulate conversation when it grinds to a halt at your next cocktail party. I am [email protected] warning you that with the wrong guests, you can do a lot more than activate discussion. You may start a fistfight.

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