Stan knows how to trim the budget

Dear Mr. Raisman: In complying with your request for my thoughts on where my government cut spending, I offer you this week’s installment in three words — Reduce Foreign Aid.

Most Americans, including you and me, haven’t the faintest idea about how much Uncle Sam gives away. One source claims the number is $26 billion. Another shouts $39 billion. The amount grows annually, and right now, according to another reliable source, the number is up to $50 billion — that’s billion with a capitol “B” — dollars.

We hand those dollars over to many countries that don’t vote with us in the United Nations, don’t like us and want no part of Washington interfering with their government or way of life. BUT they are happy to take our dough.

There was a time in my life when I was broke and had to work two jobs to earn enough money to pay for my living expenses and college tuition. I cut out charities and reduced gift-giving to the minimum until I was able to get on my feet. Right now, Uncle Sam is so deeply in debt that it may take decades for him to get back on his feet. My suggestion is to cut foreign aid to nations that give us nothing in return.

No more handouts.

If you give us nothing then you get nothing.

We’ll save billions — that’s billions with a capitol “B.”

May I have your thoughts, please?

• • •

My mother once taught me that it is good manners to bring cake when visiting a friend. She instructed me to visit the local bakery and buy three prune Danish — “Everybody likes prune Danish,” she would say.“Have the lady put it in a box and tie it closed with string.”

President Obama’s recent trip to South America ended with a short stay in El Salvador. There, he visited Salvadorian President Mauricio Funes and, just as my mother would have suggested, he brought a gift. But his gift was a check for $200 million to be used for a youth program.


Couldn’t he just bring three ….Oh, nevermind.

• • •

He’s from Taiwan, stands 5-ft-11, weighs 191 pounds and bats righty. His name is Chin-Lung Hu and is an infielder for our beloved New York Mets. The other night he walked to lead off the eighth inning. At that moment, Bud Abbott and Lou Costello looked down from the heavens and smiled as thousands of baseball fans all over this great nation shouted, “Hu’s on first.”

• • •

Bill O’Reilly’s unscientific poll asked, “Is Chuck Schumer a pinhead or a patriot for his comments on Kirsten Powers?” Of the almost 10,000 responses, 96 percent called our senator a pinhead for referring to Kirsten as a conservative, which she is not. She is a progressivecommentator and journalist, a Democratic political analyst, and has served the left in several positions such as Andrew Coumo’s press secretary and in the U.S. Trade Department for Public Affairs in the Clinton Administration.

He also called her Kristen instead of Kirsten, so I don’t think he’s a pinhead. His speechwriter is.

Shame, shame, shame on you, Chuck, for not reading the speech before delivering it.

• • •

I am [email protected] saying that after all these years I finally learned the location of Tripoli.

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