Stan responds to a reader, pt. II

One week ago, I wrote a response to Maurice who shouted “Get a life, Stanley.” I spoke about some of the wonderful parts of my life — our travels and the wonderful portions of this planet that we have visited. This week, I will chat a bit about my accomplishments.

The biggest single achievement in our lives is that Carol and I raised four super-sensational children. All four are college graduates, professionals, and do very well in their fields. They have never been busted for grass or drunk driving, are very charitable, and are now terrific parents raising their children.

In 1972 I ran for the Community School Board in District 18. I was elected and served until 1992. I must have done something right as a board member, because in every single election after the first one, I did receive the most votes in the district.

“Get a life,” Maurice?

Because of my community activities I was honored by many of the schools and organizations.

I still run into several of my old friends, and they always bring up my activities as a volunteer entertainer and lecturer at shows, schools, senior centers, and organizations such as the American Legion, Thomas Jefferson Democratic Club, Jewish War Veterans, Knights of Columbus, Narcotics Guidance Council, and many more. When asked, I never said “no.”

I graduated from high school in 1955 and was accepted to the Brooklyn College of Pharmacy of Long Island University. I was asked to pay them some tuition money that I didn’t have. I had them defer my acceptance for a year while I worked two full-time jobs to save enough to go to college.

I would frequently fall asleep during a lecture. One day, while sleeping, I must have snored out loud. The professor asked the student sitting next to me to please wake me up. I was awaked by a roar of laughter, because that student shouted, “Professor, you put him to sleep — you wake him up.”

In spite of all of my hardships — and I did have more than my fair share — I managed to be a perennial Dean’s List student and become a licensed pharmacist. During the next 35 years, I owned and operated three pharmacies, six restaurants, and an exporting company. I managed to build my wealth by not being lazy and not depending on others. I recall working 80 consecutive 12-hour days to pay off my debt.

So, Maurice. Do you still think I don’t have a life?

I have been sitting at this desk composing my weekly column for 27 years, and I have never once missed a deadline. Many have wanted my job, but I am still here. With the exception of only a handful of people who write to me under different names, I receive some pretty nice comments from my readers. Many of them e-mail me their telephone numbers, and even though we have never met, I’ve have some delightful conversations with my new friends along with many of my old friends from Canarsie.

If I sound like I am bragging, I am, but that’s only to tell Maurice — who shouted “Get a life, Stanley.”

I am StanGershbein@Bellsouth.net telling Maurice that I do have a life — a mega-marvelous, super-sensational, ultra-fantastic, terrifyingly terrific life. To Maurice and any others who find fault with it, you are just jealous.

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