Stan takes a swipe at Hillary

After Hillary Clinton’s fainting spell on Sept. 11, it was disclosed that, she was diagnosed with pneumonia two days prior to the 9/11 ceremony, but as voiced by her campaign staff, only her immediate family was told.

On Sept. 15 — just four days later — Chelsea was interviewed and said that she first found out about the pneumonia on Sept. 11 when her mother was taken to her apartment. Everybody knows that Hillary, Donald Trump, and — of course — Bill Clinton are the biggest liars in the U.S.

Now we can only assume that Chelsea is either not considered to be a member of the immediate family or that Chelsea is a real, live lying Clinton.

What do you think? I believe that Chelsea Clinton was born with the lying gene inherited from mom and dad.

• • •

When asked why she kept her bout with pneumonia a secret, Hillary’s response was, “I didn’t think it was a big deal.”

The disease kills about 50,000 Americans a year — about five percent of all adults hospitalized for the condition, according to the Centers for Disease Control.

Mrs. Clinton, you didn’t think pneumonia is a very big deal?

Secondly, the health of a person who wants to be leader of the United States is also a very big deal. What you said, Mrs. Clinton, is just another campaign lie with the hopes that you will get my vote. So which liar do I vote for? I’m giving more thought to not staying home and voting for the candidate who wants to make America great again.

• • •

What do the following words have in common? Meltdown, windbag bully, crack up, out of control, disgraceful condescending, unworthy, smirked, discourteous, incessant smugness, disrespectful, obnoxious, rude, interruptive, dismissiveness, unhinged lunatic. These were words reporters used to describe Joe Biden, mostly after the vice-presidential debates.

Now that Mrs. Clinton may be sidelined with serious health problems, many on the left are asking her to step aside. It is interesting to note that large numbers who have not been enamored with Vice President Biden’s performance ask him to be ready to run for the top seat should Hillary be too sick to continue her campaign.

• • •

Bagels can be dangerous. Think not? Ask any physician who works in the Emergency Room of any hospital on Saturday or Sunday mornings.

Not a weekend will go by without several folks showing up with a hand wrapped in a bloody towel. They injure themselves by holding a Bagel with one hand and cutting it with a sharp knife held in the other hand — usually slicing across the bagel into the web of the hand between the thumb and the fingers.

Now that is dangerous! And how often do they do that? Once. Just once. After that they learn to cut the bagel by holding it down flat on a cutting board with the palm of the hand and cutting across the bagel.

I am StanGershb[email protected]ellsouth.net telling you that I had a dear doctor friend who worked in the emergency room at Jamaica hospital in Queens. Dr. G told me that after he treats the patients with antiseptic, a stitch or two, and sterile gauze dressing, he gives them lessons in bagel cutting.

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