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Standing O is at it again!

The future is here: Dr. Lisamarie Colon-Ramierez, Registered Nurse Merilyn Regollo, Dr. Diana Contreras, Physician Assistant Natacha Cohen, Operating Room Technician Agnes Diamante, and Registered Nurse Dianna Norman use the da Vinci surgical system.

Sunset Park

Put those robot hands together for NYU Lutheran Medical Center’s Robotoic Surgery Team — bringing the best and most advanced treatments to the borough. One of the latest upgrades to hit the healing center is the installation of the da Vinci surgical system, one of the most advanced technologies used in robot-assisted surgery. Dr. Diana Contreras — chief of women’s services, associate chief of obstetrics and gynecology, and director of robotics at NYU Lutheran — is responsible for ensuring that all surgeons and other staff on the team are properly trained and fully qualified in robot-assisted procedures using the da Vinci Xi, which is the latest and most advanced version of the system.

The advantages of robot-assisted surgery, Dr. Contreras points out, include three-dimensional vision, greater magnification and dexterity of instrumentation, finer control, ability to work in multiple areas or quadrants, smaller incisions, and less pain.

“We’re proud to offer patients in Brooklyn the latest innovation in robotic surgery, a minimally invasive treatment option that has many benefits, including faster recovery times and less blood loss,” she said. “Patients do better and feel better.”

Now that’s what health care is all about — doing better and feeling better.

NYU Lutheran [150 55th St. and First Avenue in Sunset Park, (718) 630–8600].

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