Stay up and eat up: Manhattan late-night eatery comes to Williamsburg

Stay up and eat up: Manhattan late-night eatery comes to Williamsburg
Photo by Bess Adler

Drunk and hungry? A new Williamsburg eatery can solve one of those problems.

Late-night booze hounds have another place to soak up their evening’s excesses now that the legendary Manhattan eatery Snack Dragon has crossed the river to serve Brooklyn its famous food nightcaps.

Hungry night owls can visit the shack to enjoy its small menu of tacos and snacks, including a vegan mac and cheese — which is made with quinoa — as late as 4 am on Fridays and Saturdays.

The centerpiece of the menu is the “dragon” taco, which uses pork instead of actual dragon meat.

“I hope that it’s going to be a combination of late-night people and people who want a quick, non-pretentious, healthy meal,” said owner Josephine Jansen.

The snack shack maintains its signature vibe, complete with dusky blue paint and taco slingers who blast bombastic tunes.

But moving to its new S. Fourth Street location between Bedford and Driggs avenues wasn’t easy, said Jansen.

“I’ve been looking over [in Brooklyn] forever and ever, but the rents are so high,” she said. “I found a reasonably-priced place in kind of a ghetto block, but it’s changing quickly.”

Snack Dragon (155 S. Fourth St. between Bedford Ave & Driggs Ave).

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