Steely Jon!

Jon Herington is back, Jack — and he’s doing it again!

The guitar player for famed rock band Steely Dan is putting on an acoustic solo show at the Jalopy Theatre in Red Hook on Jan. 15 — and he’s pulling out all the stops.

“I’ve been doing this gig with Steely Dan for eleven years, and as time goes on, I’m doing more of my own things,” Herington said, of his time with a band that’s delighted stoners and suburban dads for decades. “It’s great to do your own thing — you can call all the shots, and you never have to play a song you don’t want to play.”

Herington, who’s jammed with heavy-hitters like with Boz Scaggs and Bett Middler, formed his own band 25 years ago, and has playing with the same drummer and bass player ever since. After the release of his latest album, “Shine, Shine, Shine,” in October, 2010, Herington decided to give this solo thing a real shot: he hired an assistant, and pledged to play more shows around town.

Herington’s solo stuff is a poppy combo of rock ’n roll, blues and jazz that lends itself to acoustic performance, he said.

“My roots are late 60s British invasion, but I’ve always loved a lot of different kinds of music; I have a knack picking up different styles,” he said. “and a stripped down acoustic show is great because it’s quieter, and there’s more give and take with the audience — it’s more fun and casual.”

So Rikki, don’t lose that number — the 15th, that is — because Jon Herington’s wild times have just begun.

Jon Herington at the Jalopy Theatre [315 Columbia St. at Hamilton Avenue in Columbia Waterfront District, (718) 395-3214]. Jan. 15, 7:30 pm. Tickets, $15. For info, visit www.jalopy.biz.

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