Stop making excuses about gun violence

“I’m not saying that he’s the best one,” said Shanise Farrar, the mother of 14-year-old Shaaliver Douse, who police shot and killed after he allegedly failed to put down the gun he used to squeeze off a number of shots. “But he’s my angel.”

Huh, not the best one? The kid was running down the street shooting at a child after being arrested in May on attempted murder charges for allegedly shooting at another 15-year-old, along with a rap sheet longer than my arm for robbery and weapons possession.

She added, “I wouldn’t want to see this happen to nobody’s kid.”

Yes, I agree, but the 15-year-old that your son allegedly tried to murder in May was someone’s child, and the child that was running down the street, as your son allegedly shot at him, was also someone’s else child.

According to the New York Post article, the boy’s aunt, Quwana Barcene, is claiming there was no gun.

“It’s all a cover-up. It’s what the police do,” she said. “They kill us and cover it up.”

Where is the cover up? There is a video of the boy running down the street with a gun drawn, the police told him to drop it, he continued to shoot. What does anyone expect? The officers should have waited for this boy to kill them? Then Commissioner Kelly would have had to go to those parents and tell them that this 14-year-old blew away their child while he was trying to do his job.

“I’m very sorry Mr. and Mrs. So and So, your son was killed in the line of duty because a 14-year-old who wasn’t the best one, but was a good kid in his own way, shot him.”

No parent should ever bury their child. But where was this mother when her son was running down the street with a gun aiming it at another child?

Again, as a parent, I feel for this woman, however, if the police are right, she needs to accept the fact that her son was not innocent, and if it wasn’t her crying over him, another mother would be crying over her child whose life was taken by her son.

There is no way anyone can expect a police officer to take a minute and think it over and say, “Well there’s this gun pointed at me, I’m scared for my life, but I’ll just aim for his foot and hope he drops the gun before he blows me away.” Seriously?

This whole city has become a joke. All the big mouths complain about “Stop-and-Frisk,” but no one says a word when it is a cop that is blown away.

Not for Nuthin, but it is really time that the “My-child-is-a-saint-card” stops getting played. You want the crime to end, teach your children to accept responsibility for their actions and teach them that if you shoot at a cop you could get killed.

In fact, teach your children that guns are not cool, being in a gang is not cool, and crime is certainly not cool. Then no parent will have to suffer that pain.

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