Circle jerks? Neighbors say that punky kids ruin Bartel Pritchard Square

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Windsor Terrace residents are railing against a crew of skateboarders who they say have shredded their quality of life to bits.

The skater haters claim the teenaged boarders have been keeping them awake, drinking, and using and dealing drugs in Bartel Pritchard Square at the southwest corner of Prospect Park for more than a year.

“My complaint is not about the skateboarders — it’s about my quality of life,” said James Rallis, who says that one of the wood-pushers pulled a razor when he told them to be quiet last month at around 3 am. “I want to be able to go to sleep, but they are there until 5 am.”

Windsor Terrace resident Tom Prendergast added that cops need to ramp up their enforcement if they want to curb the problem at Bartel Pritchard Square — where 17-year-old Sharif Abdallah died last year after a brawl in the park.

“This stuff shouldn’t be going on — there should be no one in the park after dark,” said Prendergast, who complained of nightly “parades” of youths walking into the park to smoke marijuana.

“I see too much negotiation,” said Prendergast at a community meeting last Wednesday night largely dedicated to the issue of skaters in the square. “You can’t compromise with these kids — they are not normal kids.”

And residents claim that police from the 72nd and 78nd precincts — whose coverage areas converge at Bartel Pritchard Square — haven’t been tough enough on the skaters, especially in the wake of a stabbing last week that left one of the thrashers lucky to be alive.

The victim of the June 28 assault fled from the park and collapsed on Prospect Avenue, and cops locked up three suspects within the park.

Deputy Inspector Jesus Pintos of Windsor Terrace’s 72nd Precinct told concerned neighbors that fears of police inaction at the border are unfounded.

“There is not a problem with [the precincts] getting along,” said Pintos, who added that undercover narcotics officers verified that some of the skaters were smoking pot, but found no evidence of any dealing.

For his part, 78th Precinct Deputy Inspector John Argenziano — whose precinct covers Park Slope and all of Prospect Park — claims his officers are on top of the skating situation.

“Overall, I think we’re doing a good job in Prospect Park,” said Argenziano, whose officers have already issued 47 violations to individuals caught inside Prospect Park after the greenspace’s 1 am closing time since January — 17 of them in the Bartel Pritchard Square area.

“We will put more people there, we will look at the situation,” he added.

But the skaters say they aren’t the problem.

“This is our spot. … We skate here all the time and we never mess anything up,” said Dylan Jones, who claims that some of the thrasher bashers have terrorized the skaters by pouring syrup on the often-skated steps of the monument at the square.

According to Jones, that attempt didn’t deter skaters — and only resulted in bee stings for passersby and a dog.

— with Thomas Nocera

Updated 4:30 pm, July 9, 2009
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Reasonable discourse

w from slope says:
Blaming the Skaters on parades of misbehaving youths and the death of Sharif Abdallah is akin to saying that all old people are no longer any use to society (and that's the image the complainants are projecting) . And that is just offensive. Skateboarding is a physical activity that requires a large amount of stamina and coordination usually at a level above what the majority of adolescents are capable of. Doing drugs and wasting time misbehaving is a complete contrast to the skaters that you see doing tricks on obstacles in the neighborhood. Those skaters should be commended for their dedication something other than the neighbors are accusing them of. It is important that readers know that skaters are often targets of these hoodlums and misunderstanding neighbors.
July 2, 2009, 8:47 am
Justive from Marine Park says:
NYPD has lost control of the quality of life enforcement that was the hallmark of the Giuliani Administration. Under Bloomberg’s watch, from Times Square to Marine Park, the creeps that made New York City a cesspool in the 70's and 80's are creeping back. Most New York City cops don’t live in New York City and consequently don’t care about the quality of life in New York City unless the Administration kicks them in their assets to make them do the most fundamental function of police work. Giuliani’s “broken windows” idea that you must take care of the small stuff that makes city life tolerable an the essential foundation to a civilized society is squarely on target. Paying cops their near $100,000 a year income is clearly not enough to motivate them do more than just play cops and robbers and game the overtime system. We need a police commissioner that is more obsessed by the quality of life of the common New Yorker rather than playing some kind of James Bond “M” character.
July 2, 2009, 9:23 am
Hamilton from Park Slope says:
@ w from slope

Yeah right - jumping up and down on the lower step of the monument and bumping into pedestrians really requires a high level of coordination and intelligence.

These kids are not normal children - they're ugly, hyper-aggressive, unimaginative drug-addicts who are emotionally disturbed and a needless bother to the people in the community.
They offer nothing positive and are a continuous nuisance to the functioning members of Windsor Terrace (eg. people who work for a living and pay taxes for a park they can't enjoy because of these mutants).
A lot of them aren't even from this neighborhood - they were chased out of places like Carroll Gardens because they're spineless punks.

There are parks downtown which are designed for skateboarding, but these losers lack the confidence to actually participate in a community of real skateboarders - they'd rather skate on sidewalks and bump into pedestrians because they're hostile misfits with brain disorders.
Regardless of how impressed you are by their stamina - they're still disruptive failures and mental cases.
And you sound like you may be one of them.
July 2, 2009, 10:38 am
park slope from Johnnyboy says:
It nice of Dylan Jones to admit he and his friends
skate against the base of the monument, I guess
he is to ignorant, or indifferent to the fact they are systematically destroying a historic structure , as well as the tiles surrounding it.
But then again it's his spot, LOL, enjoy while you can.
July 2, 2009, 1:39 pm
Tim from Park Slope says:
Hamilton's comments are outright detestable. They come from the voice of ignorance, judgement, and, frankly, cowardice. And people, teenagers are teenagers. It is a period of high emotional angst, confusion, and quite often, stupidity. Most people behaved rebelliously in some way or another during that period of life. We lucky ones had decent role models to help us grow and mature into responsible, logical, reasonable, and, most importantly, empathetic results. Some kids don't have that luxury.

Instead of damning them as the "scum" of society, we should try to reach out and invent new ways and avenues for these kids to hang out in a place that is socially comfortable for them and enjoyable.

A skate park really needs to open up in our neighborhood. Skateboarding is a wonderful physical art form, and many people can't recognize that because they are too closed off, and confused by a culture that feels foreign to them. (Although I hope they still skate on the street - it is fun to watch.)

But there will always be misfits - in skating, football, theater, ballet, etc.

And by the way, having an herbal jazz cigarette and popping a kick flip or an ollie is a far cry from being a "disruptive failure."

Indeed, we need more police to make sure there are no more brawls, but to blanket all skaters as a menance to society is outright stupidity.
July 2, 2009, 2:15 pm
Hamilton from Park Slope says:

The problem is not the smoking of "an herbal jazz cigarette and popping a kick flip".
The problem is that the freaks are buying, selling and using drugs in a park meant for family activities.
The problem is that the freaks have assaulted (and tried to kill) a parent who objected to their abusive behavior.

Is that clear now?

And don't compare structured activities to the idiotic behavior of these anti-social losers.
They live the way they do because they're subnormal - not because they're athletes.

What you fail to understand is that there are people in this world - unlike you - who do not feel the need to embrace every degenerate aspect of society and say "Oh that's great!" in the hope that it will make their own inadequacy more acceptable to others.

It's OK for you to be a jellyfish without standards - but lose the transparent rhetoric.
You're embarrassing yourself.

If you're so enamored with these mutants, why don't you adopt one of them?
Or better yet - invite them over to your house, so you can practice ollies (and other things) with them all night.
July 2, 2009, 3:24 pm
LT ZERO from Park slope says:
hello Hater

First: Prendergast formly know as James Prendergast is the one who has put surup plenty of times on the ledge as well as putting syrup he has also attaked skaters and thrown bottles and fruit down at them.

Second: the complaint about the nife incident where the nife was pulled on the guy who asked the kids to be quit ya it could of heppened but it could also be completley confabulated. Are there any witnesses or a polic report what did the guy look like.

Third: the meeting you had or the sole called community had why were no kids or skaters alloud in. Why was are opinion not allowed to be heard

Fourth: to all the haters out there. We are gonna skate like it or not kids are gonna drink like it or not. and kids are gonna hang out like it or not. cause i have news for you skateboardiong is not a crime drinking is not a crime (21st amendment) and assembling at the circle is not a crime (1st amendment)

So skate on rock the 40oz its the change that counts

goodbye hater
July 2, 2009, 3:31 pm
johnnyboy from park slope says:
great essay, how many years have been in the third grade.?
July 2, 2009, 3:49 pm
TJ from Slope says:
@ lt zero

Yo Son! That was mad illegible!
LOL stop makin us look bad!
July 2, 2009, 3:54 pm
johnnyboy from park slope says:
TJ, Don't be messing with lt zero , he be the bomb.
July 2, 2009, 4:04 pm
leelee from carroll gardens says:

I don't even know where to begin - attacking your rhetoric or your general stance on the entire issue. Before you even start to formulate a response that I assume will be full of ageist assumptions and slurs against these kids, let me make one point perfectly clear:

I 100% agree that people who bully and attack people without provocation, open and notorious drug dealers, and those who create a significant drop in the quality of life of a neighborhood should be taken to task.

That being said, I think you are completely and utterly mistaken about the majority of the kids you are attacking. Yes, there are those who hang out at the circle who are menaces. Yes, some deal drugs, yes some create dangerous situations for those living in the community.

However, based on my observations of what is happening in Bartel Prichard Square the sordid state of affairs that you continually describe is NOT the status quo. Generally there is a small group of teenagers hanging out after school. They haven't actually hurt anyone with their skateboards (one instance excluded and I think you know which one I mean). In fact, I have seen a number of these so called "freaks" pause and wait for the sidewalks to clear before attempting to skate and do some sweet kickflips.

Furthermore, you suggest that these kids take it downtown to the skateparks. Have actually researched these parks? As far as I can tell there are two skateparks in all of Brooklyn. One, owned by the city, which requires a signed liability waiver and the use of safety equipment (pads, helmets, etc). Will you be the one to pony up the cash needed to purchase this equipment which will grant these "freaks" access to the park? Will you provide the Metro Cards so that they won't hang out in your neighborhood? Because the skatepark is located in Owl Head Park, which if you're not aware, is pretty much in Bay Ridge and a 32 minute train ride. The other "skatepark" is merely an 8ft halfpipe at the KCDC store in Williamsburg. Again, will you provide the necessary train fare to send these kids to another neighborhood?

In any event, if these "freaks" are creating a true disturbance, merely shunting them to one neighborhood or the other doesn't alleviate the problem, just makes it someone else's problem. Unfortunately, "Not in my backyard" doesn't cut it. If anything its irresponsible and, in fact, spineless.

Now let me nip this in the bud as best as I can (pun DEFINITELY intended) - before you decide to call me a "jellyfish without standards" lets revisit my previous statements a few lines up. Go ahead and scroll back to them if you must, I'll wait.

Read it again? Good.

So now that we're clear on the fact that I 100% support arresting people who create a REAL and COGNIZABLE danger to your neighborhood let's continue.

The fact that you lump all of these kids into a category of "freaks", "subnormal" persons, and "drug-addicts" just undermines your entire cause. It makes you look, um, "hyper-aggressive" and "unimaginative". If you have a problem with these kids hanging about skating, just be straight about it. Don't pretend that ALL of them are creating a real problem in an attempt to get people incensed, because it is apparent that a majority of these kids are not the problem. And if they were "anti-social losers" then there wouldn't be such a large group of them hanging out, and we wouldn't be having this discussion, would we?

With that being said, bring it on Hammy. I really want to know what logical argument against these kids you're going to be able to make.
July 2, 2009, 4:40 pm
Tim from Park Slope says:
leelee, well put.


Haven't you ever seen The Breakfast Club?

"And these children that you spit on as they try to change their worlds, they are immune to your consultations, they're quite aware of what they're going through..."

-David Bowie
July 2, 2009, 4:48 pm
Hamilton from Park Slope says:
@leelee & Tim

Their antisocial tendencies are expressed towards the Windsor Terrace community - what they express towards each other is irrelevant.
As a reference to the type of collective idiocy and hostility that defines this group, please read the post by their spokesman "LT Zero" further up the page.
Tell me that's a normal mind.

If they have the money for 40 oz beers and marijuana, they certainly have the money for metrocards.
And why does anyone in this community have to buy them metrocards and helmets?
Don't they have parents?

The only reason they're occupying their current location is that they were chased out of every other neighborhood - because those communities wouldn't tolerate their abusive behavior.

You can over-elaborate all you want - you're still trying to justify embracing a group of freaks who have no regard for this community.

So you're ok with one person being assaulted with a skateboard...because that's only one person injured.
And you're ok with them bumping into pedestrians (including mothers with children)?
And you're ok with them disrupting the lives of people who work and pay taxes and pulling razors on them?
And you're ok with people getting stabbed and dying in brawls?

You know what?
None of these things would have happened if they weren't here.

You're not have Stockholm syndrome.
July 2, 2009, 5:31 pm
johnnyby from park slope says:
skateboarding in general is not the problem if practiced in a secured area where the general public is not in danger, to state they won't go to the assigned area because they are required to wear protective gear or adhere to set rules is weak.
if their parents bought them boards and can't afford or won't purchase required gear to protect them, why should the public be at risk?

the problem the complaints are directed at are pot heads who are arrogant and indifferent to the community they disrupt.
I'll give you one example of the many complaints against them, a tenant on PPSW who has a newborn chid, who was frightened by a 2am explosions of fire works being set off by the so called skateboarders, when the parent yelled to knock it off ,they fired a bottle rocket at his window.

I guess they were just doing what kids do.

Do yourself a favor, don't try defend this group as they are going to be driven out of the square...
July 2, 2009, 5:42 pm
Tim from Park Slope says:

You're the one without a normal mind.

This is all paranoid madness.

"Oh my god, the skateboarders are bumping into people! The community is falling apart! Terror alert!"

"Some dude pulled knife on some one in New York City! In a rather isolated event! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!"

"Kids are making noise and shooting fireworks! Oh my god its a biological attack!"

Although to be fair, Hamilton, I admit you have succeeded in one thing:

Wasting my time.
July 2, 2009, 6:47 pm
Hamilton from Park Slope says:
Ooooh ... that's great.
The compensatory wit of a nine year-old as a substitute for an adult personality.
Aren't you embarrassed to be so infantilized at your age?
Keep watching the Breakfast Club - it's working for you.
July 2, 2009, 7:29 pm
johnnyboy from park slope says:
I wrote about a man having a bottle rocket fired at his home and you in your very effeminate way tried to make a joke of it.
Are you a hairdresser?
July 2, 2009, 8:13 pm
leelee from Carroll Gardens says:

I'm not going to waste any more time on this post than necessary but the fact that you think that I am OK with stabbings, violence, and a true disturbance means that you didn't actually read my post.

I only asked that you stop generalizing and including ALL of the kids who hang out at BPS in your outcry. There are obviously problems that occur in that location but blaming the entire population is patently unfair.

Futhermore the definition of antisocial means rejecting ALL social interactions, not selectively excluding one's self from various communities. You can say that they lack respect for WT or that they do not involve themselves constructively in WT but to say antisocial is an incorrect description.

If we are to continue with taking your argument down pointing out the obvious flaws in your language, which is a favorite pasttime of mine: Unless these kids have taken me hostage and brain washed me (which I doubt since I'm not blindly supporting them - just the ones who haven't actually done anything wrong), I am not suffering from Stockholm Syndrome. Patti Hearst may have suffered from Stockholm Syndrome.

I've never seen evidence of drinking or drug use among these kids either, so if they're spending money on these items, its news to me. I will even concede this point to you, if you like. Yes, if they can afford to spend money on these things, maybe they should be investing their money in protecting themselves while they participate in skating.

I also didn't read LT Zero as the spokesman of the group especially since TJ called him out for making the rest of them look like jerks.

Finally, yes none of the things that occured at BPS would have happend at BPS had these kids not been hanging out there. However, they would have happened somewhere else. It still would have been a problem just not yours, which is apparently all you care about.
July 2, 2009, 9:11 pm
Hamilton from Park Slope says:
I sincerely hope that you didn't spend years in college... just to end up in the sorry state you're in.

Your ignorance is astounding.

Believe me, if the SLA grabbed you instead of Patty Hearst, you would be sitting there trying to ascertain the positive attributes of your captors - trying to differentiate who the 'good terrorists' were among them - so you could say something positive about them..

That's a severe form of low self-esteem and a definite predisposition towards Stockholm syndrome.

From the article:

"...Pintos, who downplayed worries of drug dealing when he revealed that undercover narcotics officers verified that some of the skaters were smoking pot..."

Apparently, reading comprehension is not your strong point.

3 characteristics of antisocial behavior exhibited by these morons on a regular basis.

1) Overly aggressive, often picking fights.
2) Will not follow rules, enjoys breaking the law
3) Is willing to hurt others emotionally or physically without remorse

Stop splitting hairs - if you stood up to them, they would hit you in the head with a skateboard just as soon as anyone else.

And as far as it happening somewhere else, so be it.
Let them go back to their own neighborhoods, where they belong.
I have no interest in seeing my community destroyed by transient mental cases.
July 2, 2009, 10:06 pm
johnnyboy from park slope says:
LeeLee, were you at the meeting ?, well i was and the problems that were presented were far greater then published in this article .
Lose the Mother Theresa attitude, unless your going speak with this group and to lead these poor unfortunates as you stated , into an alternative lifestyle and if I may ask , if you live in Carroll Gardens as you stated , why are you defending this group, unless you or one of your family are involved with this rowdy group.
Are any members of your family part of the Nelson St. Crew , that have been selling drugs in BPS.
July 2, 2009, 10:30 pm
f from f says:
July 3, 2009, 10:55 am
LT ZERO from Park Slope(i.e. the circle) says:
Hello Hater
Goodbye hater
July 3, 2009, 11:01 am
zzzzzzzzz from Park Slopea says:
July 3, 2009, 11:16 am
zzzzzzzzz from Park Slopea says:
July 3, 2009, 11:17 am
LT ZERO from Park Slope(i.e. The Circle) says:
Hello Hater

First i need to apologize for the constant repition of posting i was trying to post an essay and hand alot of trouble probably because it was to long so i will post it in peices.
July 3, 2009, 11:36 am
LT ZERO from Park Slope(i.e. The Circle) says:
Hey Johnny boy I been in third grade only once along time ago. And sorry TJ if it was illegible. But you should know the meaning of a world before using it TJ. Anyways did not know a comment on an article required perfect essay format with great spelling and all my I doted and T crossed. I wrote that comment the way I write in my journal write what comes to mind. But im sorry I’m not perfect. LOL.

So Hamilton asking if I have a normal mind or basically if any of the so called “circle jerks” have “normal” minds. So Hamilton since you used the word please define “normal”.

Tim I agree with you. We live in a city sh*t everyday: stabbing noise etc. Some how if this sh*t occurs by near around a skater or any kid the world seems to fall apart.
July 3, 2009, 11:37 am
LT ZERO from Park Slope(i.e. The Circle) says:
Well I don’t know what to say if skaters and kids hanging out bother Prendergast and his cronies so much why don’t they just move away from the park. I mean if you live near a park there’s gonna be noice duh. So dudes if it bothers you move.

The park is a place for people to congregate and play sports. Isn’t that what the skaters and the kids doing congregating and playing sports. If you really want us out of the park then give us a place to be. we go to a stoop we get kicked off. if we goto a cafe to hang out we get kicked out (even if we buy food). So we go to the park because that’s what’s its there for . Seriously if you don’t like the noice move away or build a place for us to hang out in.

Good Bye Hater

PS: skate on rock the 40oz it's the change that counts

Goodbye again hater
July 3, 2009, 11:37 am
LT ZERO from Park Slope(i.e. The Circle) says:
Well I don’t know what to say if skaters and kids hanging out bother Prendergast and his cronies so much why don’t they just move away from the park. I mean if you live near a park there’s gonna be noice duh. So dudes if it bothers you move.

The park is a place for people to congregate and play sports. Isn’t that what the skaters and the kids doing congregating and playing sports. If you really want us out of the park then give us a place to be. we go to a stoop we get kicked off. if we goto a cafe to hang out we get kicked out (even if we buy food). So we go to the park because that’s what’s its there for . Seriously if you don’t like the noice move away or build a place for us to hang out in.

July 3, 2009, 11:37 am
johnnyboy from park slope says:
The only ones that's will move ,are you and your pathetic crew, the 72nd and 78th pcts are going to start to issue summons for you and the other 20 year old " kids".
Go to 5th st and 4th ave if you need a place to perform your anal retentive jumping up and down for hours on end ,and try to pass that off as skating.
We don't have to build a place for you , we already have one, Bellevue.

July 3, 2009, 1:41 pm
Hamilton from Park Slope says:

"So dudes if it bothers you move."

See, that's the problem right there.
You and your 'friends' all share that same scumbag mentality.
And that's why you get thrown out of restaurants.
You think you're going to impose your will on people and alter their lives because you miserable retards have nowhere else to go?
It's not going to happen.
That attitude is what led to that dirtbag sharif ending up dead and that other punk getting stabbed.
There have always been groups of kids on the parkside - but there were never problems like this until the 'Circle Jerks' showed up from wherever they were last chased from.

Why don't you fairies get your courage up, get on the train and head over to Union Square in Manhattan - where there are real skateboarders and hot looking girls?
Maybe it's because you're not really into either one of those things.
July 3, 2009, 2:41 pm
LT ZERO from Park Slope says:
Hello Hater

Seriously why do you choose to drag Sharif into this. And what makes us faries your such a loser.

WE all live in park slope or surounding area we goto the park because that whats is meant for congregating and sports. Why are we gonna go to union thats so far.

Its getting rediculus you complained for years that we have concregated in the park. The polic don't do anything because we are breaking no law. They tell you what you want to hear to shut you up and ask us to leave because they don't want to hear you guys.

Its kinda of silly your babies or toddlers you cry to police when you don't get what u want. They just comply because they tired of hearing you cry.

baby want a boddle or a fresh nappie

nah baby wants a skateboard a blunt and a 40

skate on rock the 40oz its the change that counts

Goodbye Hater
July 4, 2009, 1:31 pm
johnnyboy from park slope says:
I didn't know jumping up and down on a skateboard for hours or smoking a joint was considered a sport, I guess one of your Bros, monkey boy , forgot to tell you he received a summons last week for jumping on the landmark monument or that his fat loud mouth girl friend received one for fighting.
[ what a shame ,there's nothing like a good lesbo fight ]

I guess that's what you would consider, the cops telling us what we want.

The reason you hang in the park is a simple one , you are to lazy to work and to poor to go anywhere else.

Keep coming to the circle and you will get a much deserved summons , then we'll who goes , waaa,waaa,waaa.

Skate on a-ho.

July 4, 2009, 2:12 pm
MacGregor Rucker from Brooklyn says:
Much ado about nothing? I've known most of the kids at the Circle since they were in pre-K. These are not criminals, nor hoodlums, nor drug dealers, nor trouble makers. They are children from the neighborhood who hang out in the exact spot that several generations of neighborhood people have hung out. Yes, there have been a couple incidents, but show me a public area in Brooklyn where something hasn't happened. Lets be real here. They are our children. It is as much their park as anybody else. The police in both precincts are doing a great job of keeping everybody safe, INCLUDING the young men and women who gather there. AND, the majority of the young men and women that gather there are polite, respectful, decent, and a credit to the fabric and culture of Park Slope.

I will add that I have personally witnessed adults from the neighborhood going out of their way to harass these kids. To threaten these kids. There is one man who has even been conducting video surveillance of these kids (which may actually violate local, state, and federal legislation)!!! I don't know about other parents, but I personally find it a little creepy that a grown man is videotaping children that are not his own.

Lets all calm down. We have laws against everything that James Rallis and Tom Prendergast are accusing these children of. The police are enforcing these laws. Slandering children who are guilty of nothing but being under 18 is simply an abuse of power. Stop.
July 5, 2009, 9:41 pm
MacGregor Rucker from Brooklyn says:
A further note--to the gentleman who likened support of children exercising their civil liberties to Stockholm Syndrome: With all due respect, I am sure I am not the only person that sees this comment has driven by some hysteria. Terrorists? I hope you are simply getting carried away. I have to ask again. Terrorists? Really?

Hyperbole never goes very far in proving a point, but invoking an allusion to terrorism to deal with a bit of perceived noise pollution is not only ridiculous--given current affairs it is disrespectful.

I would like to mention that if my children are so much as harassed near the park, let alone threatened, or if I witness threats against other children, there will be serious legal repercussions. Anyone reading this should think twice about stepping on anybody else's civil liberties.
July 5, 2009, 10:08 pm
Hamilton from Park Slope says:
Much ado about nothing?
Yeah - tell that to the guy who got hit with a skateboard and had to go to the hospital... all because he had the audacity to ask one of these freaks to stop screaming profanity in front of his child.

Prior to these mutants showing up, there was another group of kids hanging out in the same spot - and they never had any problems with the neighbors or the police...because they weren't abusive and they had ties to the community.

I can only assume by your sympathetic view of the situation and your subculture mentality, that one of your children is part of the 'Circle Jerks".
I would offer my sympathy, but it is your inept parenting and stunted development that put them on the parkside in the first place.

What you fail to realize is that there's nothing remotely special about these unimaginative, hostile misfits who intrude on the lives of others in this community, just as there is nothing remotely interesting about you, or that insipid blog you keep.
If you were anywhere near as insightful as you imagine yourself to be, then your children would want to be around you, rather than hanging out with drug addicts and misfits on the parkside.

Keep dumbing it down - everything's fine.
July 6, 2009, 1:16 am
LT Zero from Park Slope(circle) says:
Hello Haters

MacGregor Rucker I like u and your show currect thanks for yours posting. Where hanging out in a spot that was created for congregating and sports. Yes there are fights drug and alcohol use and noise but that can be found all over the city. Just Curoius are you one of the parents a skater or just someone who simpathetic to justice and our cival liberties. Who ever you are I like you because you stand up for whats right even if its hard to do. Three chears for MacGregor Rucker

Aw Hamilton if people want to swear or curse like sailors they have that right its covered under the freedom of speach (1st admendent) As long as when they curse they don't create a danager to others their free to swear and curse all they want.

Goodbye Hater
July 6, 2009, 3:19 am
LT Zero from Park Slope(circle) says:
Hello Haters

Ow ya Hamilton most of these so called "Circle Jerks" who you accuse of "intruding" accutually live in the community we shop at the same stores eat at the same resteranunts and attend the same schools. Guess what Hamilton the so called Circle Jerks are you neighbors.

Finally the mysterious filmer who films people from his balconey the one with the american flag across from the circle. Well this mysterios filmer is no other than JAMES PREDERGAST yes you heard me right JAMES PRENDERGAST the guy who also pours syrup on the circle we like to call him the syrup swapper. And i agree with MacGreggor what is this guy doing filming kids that r not his own. Is this legal who nose what he does with the vidios. For all we know the James Prendergast can be a pedophile who gets off at seeing young boys on wheels.


Skate on and Rock the 40oz its the change that counts

Goodbye Hater
July 6, 2009, 3:20 am
LT ZERO from Park Slope(circle) says:
Hello Haters

Ow ya Hamilton most of these so called "Circle Jerks" who you accuse of "intruding" accutually live in the community we shop at the same stores eat at the same resteranunts and attend the same schools. Guess what Hamilton the so called Circle Jerks are you neighbors.

Finally the mysterious filmer who films people from his balconey the one with the american flag across from the circle. Well this mysterios filmer is no other than JAMES PREDERGAST yes you heard me right JAMES PRENDERGAST the guy who also pours syrup on the circle we like to call him the syrup swapper. And i agree with MacGreggor what is this guy doing filming kids that r not his own. Is this legal who nose what he does with the vidios. For all we know the James Prendergast can be a pedophile who gets off at seeing young boys on wheels.


Skate on and Rock the 40oz its the change that counts

Goodbye Hater
July 6, 2009, 3:21 am
johnnyboy from parkslope says:
MacGregor Rucker:

Looks like you received the endorsement you needed from LT Zero, who makes Jeff Picoli from Fast Times at Fairmont High, look like a genius.

I think you are way off base on what think is going on in the Circle , as,in the last two years there's been.

three dope dealers arrested for assaulting someone

But kids will be kids

a stabbing last year, due to the circle jerks harassing a black kid from 5th ave, who came back and stabbed one of them seven times.

But kids will be kids

one of the circle jerkers dropping dead after a fight.

A circle jerker stabbed last week because he harassed three black kids passing through the neighborhood.

But kids will be kids.

Other outstanding accomplishments by the circle jerkers

When a fireman went into the street at 2am and asked them to stop screaming and making noise as he couldn't sleep, they told him to go —— himself and pulled out a razor.
The police were called and did nothing.

But kids will be kids

A resident of 1 PPSW couldn't sleep due to them firing bottle rockets off at 1am, he yelled down asking them to stop, the response was ,they fired a rocket at his window.

But kids will be kids.

Smashing a skateboard against a mans head because he had the audacity to ask them not to curse in front of his family.

But kids will be kids

As far as someone filming unlawful activity, it is perfectly legal and does not violate any laws or make them a pedophile, if i find out who he/she is i'll congratulate that person.

I would be more concerned about the 25yr old dreadlocked dimwit who hangs with the 13 and 14 yr old kids in the circle.

To address the ongoing drugs and violent activities in the circle, a Community Board Meeting was held last week , both the 78th and 72nd Pcts stated they are going to clean up the area .

Do you think it's ok for 'kids' to slam their boards against the Landmark Monuments and systematically destroy the tiles that surround it, or belong in the park till 3 in the morning.

But kids will be kids

You probably feel it's their Civil right to do so, as they feel it is, without regard to the community they disturb and you claim they live in..

When you have a moment look up the following laws regarding skateboarding and much to your dismay you'll see their activity is against the law.

NY City law New City Administrative Code. S19-176.1
NYC Department of Parks & Recreation S1-04 PROHIBITED Uses.

If their unruly conduct continues , you more then likely will see your Pre-k group at Pre-trial.
July 6, 2009, 1:08 pm
LT ZERO from Park Slope says:
Hello Hater

Nice poem like the repetition and you even through in the race card. That always works.

The stabbing last year which i was present at did not involve any black kids not one. Some kids came to fight some others kids and people jumped in.

The so called "circle jerk" that was stabbed was harazzed i dont know if the kids harassed him for black or not. But he the so called circle jerk was black

This is a real low thing to do. bring race into it. Neither of the incidents that occurred involved race and you want to drag race into it. There something wrong with you. And your saying my mind aint normal maybe you got to get yours checked out.

skate on rock the 40oz is the change the counts

Good Bye Hater
July 6, 2009, 2:46 pm
LT ZERO from Park Slope says:
Hello Hater

Ow ya Jonnyboy those laws that you posted applies to in liners not skateboarders maybe you should learb to read

skate on rock the 40oz is the change the counts

Good Bye Hater
July 6, 2009, 2:49 pm
johnnyboy from parkslope says:
try to concentrate or have someone else read it to you.
July 6, 2009, 3:52 pm
johnnyboy from parkslope says:
I spoke with your crew when it happened and they said he was BLACK and came from 5th ave., to take care of business after your group bothered him, which he did .
One girl mentioned she thought it was her boyfriend who was hurt, I asked her why he hung with such losers and she replied " he's in the life " that still makes me laugh.
Midget mobsters LOL
July 6, 2009, 4:02 pm
johnnyboy from parkslope says:
when you have a lucid moment, call the 72nd pct and advise them the three guys they arrested for the stabbing weren't BLACk .

Try wearing a helmet when skateboarding , if your over 18yrs old, you should be embarrassed to admit you still do.
July 6, 2009, 4:17 pm
LT ZERO from Park slope says:
Hello Hater

its seems you care so much about the color of their skin. Maybe they were black does it matter if they were black white hispanic you brought it in to try to play the race card in other words make us look racist which we are not since the so called "circle Jerks" are diverse all different colors including black Johnyboy.

Race should not have even been brought up. Your trying to stirr up the pot and get people more up set. get a life.

skate on rock the 40oz its the change that counts

Goodbye Hater
July 6, 2009, 5:31 pm
johnnyboy from park slope says:
Looks like you are desperate, when you state, mentioning the race of a felon who stabbed someone is racist,it's not , it's reporting what happened.
It's amazing how delicate you are about identifying the stabbers race, which was in the papers and ignoring the discomfort you and crew of Circle Jerkers [ aptly named] create in the community.

I do have a life and it doesn't include hanging with a group straight out of central casting for a Fellini movie.

Talk about losers!
July 6, 2009, 7:03 pm
MacGregor Rucker from Brooklyn says:
It's funny (not ha ha funny--more ironic) that 90 percent of the messages on this forum are in violation of the Terms of Service. It's just a litany of ad hominem attacks and insults.
July 7, 2009, 4:13 pm
johnnyboy from park slope says:
what's really LOL funny, is you accusing Rallis of slandering "children", when one of them pulled a razor on him , because he asked them to stop making noise at 1:;30am. ,
those poor kiddies.

I'm sure in your warped sense of the law, you think thats ok.

If I meet Rallis i'll tell him he owes these poor little felons an apology.
July 7, 2009, 4:43 pm
Hamilton from Park Slope says:
You know what's funny (both ha ha funny and ironic)?
The fact that you're worried about decorum on an internet forum, while your kids are hanging out with drug addicts all night.
July 7, 2009, 5:28 pm
Ken Pseudonym from Fictionallocationsville says:
Alright, I'll throw in my 2 cents really quickly.

1) To the people (neighbors, pedestrians, etc) who are bothered by the actions of kids hanging out by Pritchard Square: do something constructive if you're all so tormented by this. If more citizens in Brooklyn and other New York areas actually cared about the landscape of our society, they'd be talking about the fact that our city Government felt it more necessary to put tax dollars into two useless expensive stadiums instead of hospitals and education; not "those damn skateboarders." Direct your anger somewhere of actual long-term significance, and actually try to make a difference rather than feeding mediocre newspapers headline grabbing quotes. Teenagers have always drawn the ire of adults: there is nothing new about this.

2) Once more to the citizens of Windsor Terrace. Hate to break it to you, but the cops in New York have always done a mediocre job. Sorry that it's just now coming to your disadvantage, but the police officers in this city aren't the best and brightest. They're the end result of giving a typical John Jay graduate a badge allowing them more rights than the working class.

3) Sharif didn't die last year, as is written in the above article. Believe me, I know that the Brooklyn Paper wallows in it's own mediocrity. I understand this, and my deepest sympathies extend to each editor of this paper. However, it would be a real treat if you could fact check the date of an article you link to. Click that very link directing from "where 17-year-old Sharif Abdallah died last year after a brawl in the park" and you'll find a poorly written article from March of this year. So please, make something of an effort if you expect the general public to tolerate your paper.

4) Displaying a picture of kids mourning the loss of a friend under the title of "Circle Jerks" is a tremendously classy touch. Kudos, Brooklyn Paper.

5) Alright, seriously. Sharif has NOTHING to do with this story. As a friend of his, I can't tell you how remarkably offensive it is to continue reading "writers" try to connect Sharif's death to the habits of the Pritchard Square kids. Unless a story is produced regarding his death, please keep Sharif's name disconnected to the actions of others. Sharif wasn't alive when that teen hit a parent with his skateboard. Sharif wasn't alive when another kid pulled a knife on a neighbor. Continuously referencing Sharif with the actions and decisions of other people does nothing to rectify this situation. If the Brooklyn Paper would hold itself to it's standard of removing any "slanderous," or "abusive" messages, the above article by Ben Muessig would be deleted.
July 8, 2009, 1:42 am
johnnyboy from park slope says:

1-The people that complained have a legitimate reason , they were threatened with physical violence by these punks.

As far as these unfortunates not having a place to go, i guess you don't know, there is a skateboarding park on 5th st just off 4th ave , but they won't go there as they can't sell /use drugs or drink their 40's in public.
Another inconvenience is the park closes at 9pm , leaving them with nothing to do till 5am.

your lame statement to direct our so called anger towards a positive resolution is ridiculous , the only positive solution,is to rid the community of these disruptive potheads.

Members of the community are tired of their antics and have decided to bring it to a halt, is there something wrong with pursuing our rights to a peaceful and crime free park.?

are any members of your family in this group?

2- if you have such distain for the cops, If you or any members of your family are assaulted or robbed , i recommend you call a skateboarder.

3-what difference does it make if the date of one of the boarders death was wrong, he would probably still be alive if he had selected a better lifestyle and avoided friends like , Jamar Allah ,reported to be residing at Rikers, and Ricky P., heroin dealer, both who were with him when he had a heart attack and died.

And special thanks to a few members of the community for standing up at a recent meeting and finally ,the park side is being cleaned up.

The problems aren't complaints , it's absentee parents , try to direct your angst where it belong.

Spare the rod and pay the bail!
July 8, 2009, 12:10 pm
Pat K from South Brooklyn says:
Oh by the way, I;m Liberal from the People's Republic (Park Slope) grew up on 9st. Stickball City, but they are kids and we should at least try and get it right.
July 10, 2009, 9:43 pm
Pat K from South Brooklyn says:
Johnny Boy your a good man and out of all these posts you are on target, enough... I think I know the Firefighter and his family. No more Stabbings, threats to neighbors, I'm 50 and I remember the crowd up there in the 70's when I was going to Bishop Ford, Not a pretty site, but for the most part they did not bother anyone. Officer Doyle was EARLY QUALITY OF LIFE CONTROL, we might need a bout a dozen of him patrolling the area.
July 10, 2009, 9:52 pm
Tom Mccamphill from South Brooklyn says:
You know if you touch one of these clowns they will lock us up. There's an irony.
July 10, 2009, 10:34 pm
johnnyboy from parkslope says:
Pat K- Tom Doyle would not have the authority to do today what he did then.

Tom Mccamphill- it's not necessary to touch them , the answer is to embarrass the cops and force them to do what they get paid $100,000.00 a year to do.
That's exactly what these two guys are doing and so far and it's working.

It's humorous the undercover cops saw the skateboarders smoking pot, but did nothing , I guess Comm. Kelly will be addressing this soon, as he will be advised about it and the —— will hit the fan.
July 10, 2009, 11:04 pm
zuzupuka from daslope says:
johnnyboy has no lifehe sits around trying to outsmart everyone comments on this.

and your telling the circlekids to get a life geez
Aug. 7, 2009, 4:45 am
jaylex91 from Park Slope says:
I have to say that from personal experience, through many many months of hanging out at what is referred to as "the circle", a lot of the kids there are decent. I don't mean to say they don't have their faults as everyone does, but when I'm there I tend to gravitate toward the nicer more well mannered kids who are just looking to have fun with their friends. They don't mean to harm anyone living around the area or any other park visitors but I believe they simply feel a territorial claim to the area. One which has no basis in reality, obviously, but it's just their nature. Those are the people, my friends, who do have a right to be there. Now I can also tell you some stories, which I won't get into specifics about, that involve some of the other people who hang out there. They are literally some of the most mischievous, conniving ——es and/or ——s I've ever met. The adults on here defending the kids in general should know that although most of the people over there are overall kids, but don't for one second think you know them. You're not one of them so in a second they could turn on you for sometimes the slightest misdeed to them or one of their friends. I'm not joking. They can be vicious when you cross them. I don't want that to sound cheesy, but know the truth.
Jan. 1, 2010, 8:14 pm
Nervosa from Windsor Terrace says:
I've hung out at BPS, and I've never assaulted, harassed, murdered or set off bottle rockets.

You shouldn't generalize someone's mental state, financial background, education, home environment, drug use or anything else based on the spot they choose to hang out and the company they keep. I have friends who do things I wouldn't do, but they're not me, and I don't appreciate people like Hamilton or Johnnyboy implying that they are.

There are people in every group who do bad things. They are people in your age group, who live in your neighborhood, who you associate with, who do bad things. And it would be unfair of me to hold you responsible for their actions.

You are treating "The Kids" like they're a single entity, like we make decisions as a single unit, but when one kid does something stupid like harassing people or shouting profanity, that is just that one kid.

So basically, don't throw the baby out with the bathwater.
June 22, 2010, 3:58 am
gagoonies from upyours says:
Leave those kids alone, you sons of ——es.
Nov. 6, 2010, 6:04 am
Navi from ParkSlope says:
Hamilton, and Jonnyboy, you are both pathetic.
Feb. 22, 2011, 2:32 am
Person from Everywhere says:
I'm just going to say I've met some nice kids at the circle, but most of them are really not nice people.
Not good people.
I knew Sharif. Nice kid.Didn't deserve what happened. He was one of the few nice ones to be completely honest.
Most of the circle are judgmental and out to hurt other people.
All they do is talk ——.
The end.
Feb. 22, 2011, 11:16 pm

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