The Fifth Avenue health club occupies an illegally converted industrial shed and gym rats drop barbells so hard both buildings shake

Feel the burn! Slopers say the CrossFit gym next door is like an earthquake every morning

The Brooklyn Paper
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Neighbors of a Park Slope gym that specializes in a worldwide fitness craze say that fitness buffs are making their lives a living hell by tossing big barbells to the ground and grunting loudly throughout the early morning hours.

Residents of a Fifth Avenue apartment building next door to a CrossFit gym near 22nd Street say that they can hear the guttural cries from their bedrooms and that the up-to-300-pound weights land so hard that both buildings shake. The pre-dawn cacophony wakes neighbors and has some saying that if the fitness center does not end the noise, they might pack up and leave.

“I put my pillow over my head and hope that it stops, but it doesn’t,” Jena Battaglia, who lives on the third floor of the brick row-house that shares a wall with the health club. “I love my apartment so much, but if this doesn’t stop I will have to move out.”

The fitness center is one of a purported 7,000 fitness clubs to push the brutal, full-body CrossFit routine, which has gym rats run, jump, row on machines, throw medicine balls, flip tractor-trailer tires, climb ropes, tote thick chains, and lift big weights. The Slope location offers private training for $100 an hour and, for those parents looking to pump up their progeny, kids sessions for $300 a pop. The workout program is so extreme and so popular worldwide that some critics have called it a cult.

The Fifth Avenue outlet CrossFit 718 began its stay in the neighborhood on a sour note when it opened two years ago in a one-story industrial building that was illegally converted from a storage facility, for which the landlord still owes the city $10,000 for failing to file permits, according to public records.

The rec center has been an unwanted alarm clock ever since, say neighbors. And once the racket begins, sometimes as early as 6 am on weekdays and 8 am on weekends, it only gets worse, according to neighbors.

“You feel these vibrations every time they slam the weights down and then babies start crying and dogs start barking,” Battaglia said.

Residents also complain about the thud of semi-truck wheels tumbling over on the rubber-lined floor and the shouts of trainers leading cardio exercises on the sidewalk out front, but their gripes are not limited to noise. The harried apartment-dwellers say that the dropped barbells fall with such force that they are afraid it will crack the walls.

“It’s been a nightmare,” said 27-year Fifth Avenue resident Edwin Torres. “It’s so bad the walls shake. It might eventually start causing structural issues.”

Neighbors say that they have repeatedly complained to the city, police, and the owner of the CrossFit outpost, but that their gripes continue to fall upon deaf ears.

A patron of the hated health club cops to letting weights fly but said that sometimes dead-lifting gets so strenuous that he has no choice but to let go.

“At the end of a high intensity workout you just don’t have anything else left in the tank,” said CrossFit regular Mike Soffer, who pumps iron as heavy as 300 pounds. “You shouldn’t drop [the weights], but a lot of the times you can’t help it.”

CrossFit 718 owner Israel Gonzalez did not return repeated calls for comment, but a Williamsburg gym owner facing remarkably similar complaints last year said that, beyond padding the floors, which it appears that Gonzalez has, there is not much else that can be done.

Reach reporter Natalie Musumeci at or by calling (718) 260-4505. Follow her at
Updated 10:16 pm, July 9, 2018
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Reasonable discourse

Mike from Fort Greene says:
Looks like someone from Crossfit is angry. ^^

They can't even spell her name right!
Oct. 28, 2013, 9:34 am
Joey from Clinton Hills says:
where is the public advocate when we need him? Epic Fail!
Oct. 28, 2013, 10:44 am
Miguel Carraway from Clinton Hill says:
You'd have to be a moron to pay $100 for an hour of that
Oct. 28, 2013, 11:24 am
Lou Wilson from Park Slope says:
What a bunch of DB's. Crossfit is dangerous. Leave you neighbors alone.
Oct. 28, 2013, 11:45 am
Katie from South Slope says:
Great article and I really hope it helps address the problem. The initial comment written here, obviously by a CrossFit representative, was absolutely appalling and just goes to show the incredible degree of their lack of respect for the community and their neighbors. That's all any of the tenants (myself included) are asking for - a little respect and a little sleep.
Oct. 28, 2013, 11:47 am
Matt from Bay Ridge says:
This gym is ILLEGALLY there. That's an issue in itself. The DOB needs to do something about this.
Oct. 28, 2013, 11:53 am
Steve from South Slope says:
As a resident of this building, I don't pay for these men and women to wake me up at 6AM every morning, and I'm definitely not paying to be a part of this money hungry cult. It doesn't surprise me that human decency is so far down the drain at this point.
Oct. 28, 2013, 12:02 pm
Steve from South Slope says:
And to whomever left the removed comment, if you would like to discuss that further, I can meet you at Crossfit at 6AM tomorrow. No sense in hiding behind a comments section of an outer borough newspaper.
Oct. 28, 2013, 12:13 pm
Jay from Nyc says:
File a nusiance complaint against them in court and be done with jt all ready.
Oct. 28, 2013, 12:24 pm
Katie from South Slope says:
Well at least whomever is ignorant enough to pretend to be Jena again was now smart enough to spell her first name correctly but didn't quite get the education that would allow them to refer back to the numerous times her last name is referenced in the above article and get that one right. The sexual harassment is about as illegal as the gym and shows a level of maturity and ignorance I can hardly comprehend. Please feel free to let us know your real name. If you actually sympathized for the gym and its existence maybe you'd comment with something of substance on its behalf rather than further proving that it and its representatives are a nuisance. It's actually despicable.

Black woman from Da Ghetto - I'm really, really sorry for you. God bless.

Also, please see below for reference:

des·pi·ca·ble /adjective
deserving hatred and contempt.

a person, thing, or circumstance causing inconvenience or annoyance.

grasp mentally; understand.

agree with a sentiment or opinion.

I wish I had the time to also inform you of the difference between verbs, nouns and adjectives but unfortunately the salary I receive from the extremely prestigious law firm I work at doesn't pay me to tutor the unintelligent.

With that being said, here's one more that you definitely don't know:

a fixed regular payment, typically paid on a monthly or biweekly basis but often expressed as an annual sum, made by an employer to an employee, esp. a professional or white-collar worker.
Oct. 28, 2013, 1:42 pm
jerry from Dyker says:
Katie et al, trolls often hit this site. The now-deleted troll posts probably had nothing to do with the gym.
Oct. 28, 2013, 4:26 pm
Mike from Brooklyn says:
People should stop complaining about the noise and instead wake up and go join them for the workouts. Working out spikes levels of Serotonin which will make these neighbors happier. Serotonin also helps the body get restful sleep which will probably allow you grumpy neighbors to sleep through the "structure shattering" noises.
Oct. 29, 2013, 6:21 pm
Sara from Park slope says:
I am a member of this gym and would pay more than 100 dollars an hour for the incredible work out that you receive from this facility and these coaches.

Weights falling on the floor are not going to damage a wall and the buildings do not shake. That is quite an exaggeration.

I live next to a school and a church and am woken up daily by cars honking because the buses who are dropping off children are blocking traffic and frustrating drivers who choose to honk starting at 7 am. This is NYC people- if you want quiet, move to the burbs.
Oct. 29, 2013, 6:36 pm
Katie from Carroll Gardens says:
I am also a member of this gym.

First of all, I was a "gym rat" before I started Crossfit. I attended a standard gym 6-7 days a week. After I started attending Crossfit718, I scaled back to 3 days a week. I still only go 3 days a week. And I have seen better results in my body and my health than I have in over 30 years of struggle with fitness. I'm extremely grateful that I no longer have to be a "gym rat." I am also grateful that I can do it with a supportive community (not a cult!) of people with similar interests. Just like any other community or club.

Second, the owners and coaches of this gym are some of the most generous and kind people I have ever met. They have nothing but my health and safety in mind every time I enter that gym, and they approach every member that way. The Crossfit Kids program that they offer strives to bring strength, health, community, and values to children. The fee for the kids class is $300/session, not "a pop." This statement in the article was misleading. Not to mention they also offer it to underprivileged children who may not be able to afford it. In fact, I remember during my first free class the coaches offering to work out some sort of payment plan for anyone who couldn't afford to take the class. They really believe in their programming and want to help people through their work.

Third, we no longer use the tires because there have been so many complaints about the tires. Therefore writing that noise is caused by the tires is incorrect.

Also, so many buildings in this city hover above subway lines that endure vibrations consistently from passing trains with considerably more power than a human being. These buildings still remain upright, so mentioning that there is fear of structural damage is a statement bordering on hyperbole.

Lastly, it should be known that the building laying complaint in this article is also neighbored by a bar on the opposite side. I can't imagine that's without its problems, so I don't see the need to criticize an establishment that's focusing on health and wellness.
Oct. 29, 2013, 7:15 pm
Allen from Kensington says:
This is the silliest article I have ever read. This gym changed my life. $100/hr is a bargain compared to what you get out of it. Crossfit may be considered a cult by some, but in reality, it's an entire support system. It is a team of coaches and fellow crossfitter's helping you reach, and pass, goals that you would never imagine achieving.

I lived on Ocean Pkwy most of my life and being woken up every day by cars honking, wheels screeching and motorcycles racing is the norm. Do I complain to the city to shut down Ocean Pkwy? If I don't like it, I can move, the choice of where to live is mine.

We stay as quiet as possible in respect to the neighbors. We are constantly asked not to slam the weights, and for the most part we comply, however, when you are lifting any amount of weight, whether it's 50lbs or 500lbs, if you find yourself stuck lifting that wait and the risk of not letting it hit the ground is injury, we will all choose the ground 100% of the time. Furthermore, at 6am on 5th avenue, when there is almost no noise outside, if you make any noise the neighbors will hear it. It doesn't matter if you are walking, whispering or jumping, it will be louder when there is no ambient noise.

Thank your crossfit718, me, my wife and my daughter appreciate what you are doing for us.
Oct. 29, 2013, 7:31 pm
Oak from Park Slope says:
Full disclosure - I'm a member of Crossfit718 and I love the workouts. They're intense, well thought out and as safe as anything else I've had experience with in the world of sport and fitness.

It's a shame about the bad press, because the community here is among the most positive, supportive and condusive to the betterment of its population as any I've experienced.

That said, people have a right to gripe. The people who are being griped at also have a right to do their best to accomodate, and if that isn't possible, ignore the complaints of others and carry on with their lives. We live in one of the most densely populated cities in the world so a high degree of tolerance is needed to thrive here.

The last class finishes by 9pm and the first is at 6am, so there are a good 9 hours of respectful quiet time that seem to not be accounted for in the article. I happen to live across from a public school yard and the wild screams of children hardly ease the nerves. Solution? Ear plugs. Way simple. Especially in the early morning.

In my experience CF718 does more good for more people who are served by Israel's work than it harms through noise issues, so all in all they're ahead in this world.

Oct. 29, 2013, 7:32 pm
Jeff says:
I've been a member of this gym for over a year and can say without reservation that the owners try their utmost best to accommodate their neighbors and the surrounding community. When working out outside, the coaches keep their voices such that it would be appropriate in library. To the comment about flipping tires, I've never seen anyone in this gym use them and when I had asked why that was the case they had said it was out of concern for their neighbors. Moreover, the owners of this gym have and continue to have support many not-for-profit initiatives that benefits causes such as breast cancer and under privileged youth in the area. In summary, I believe the author is either biased, misinformed or has a hidden agenda.
Oct. 29, 2013, 7:38 pm
Brian from South Slope says:
I'm also a member of CF718 and one of the heathens that typically goes to class at either 6 or 7am. Not to say this article is false isn't fair, I'd say more along the lines of grossly misinformed.

While warming up before class, especially in the morning, a phrase typically uttered is "Please, please, please don't drop the weights unless it is for safety reasons." That's not out of concern for the athletes, but out of respect for the neighbors. I've also never used tires while at 718. I've been going for a little over a year, somewhere between 3 and 4 times a week and not once has a tire been used. Again, out of respect for the neighbors.

You criticize the cost of per hour personal training, but fail to comment on the price of packages offered by the owners. Comparatively speaking, CF718 is one of the cheaper CrossFit gyms in the city and compared to the gyms like NYSC, you're getting far more bang for your buck. As far as CF Kids, you were spot on with $300/session. What you failed to point out is a session is 12 weeks, 2x a week. With my math degree, I believe that comes out to $25/week OR $12.50/class. All to make sure kids stay healthy and away form video games.

The community feel that's fostered at 718 is far form a cult and more like a family. Whether it's a party just because, support during workouts (which are scaled to your fitness level, so not nearly as extreme as you chose to make it seem), fundraise for various IMPORTANT causes and do various volunteer exercises within the community.

I'm sure the owners would love to invite some of the neighbors in to work out, try it and see if they like it. Who knows, they may join and find a reason (other then going to work) to get up for 6am class.
Oct. 29, 2013, 8 pm
mark Blutstein from Gravesend says:
Living in NYC one must expect noise pollution invading their private spaces. I have lived all my life with a subway station, a lamp factory and now an out door nightclub all feet away from the backyard of my home. So, that this article is considered news is preposterous. Noise only being heard from 6am to 8pm would be welcomed in many NYC neighborhoods.
Oct. 29, 2013, 8:32 pm
Jenessa from South Slope says:
I'm also a member of CF718 and a resident of South Slope. As more restaurants, bars and stores are opened on this section of 5th ave, the noise level is only going to increase. And, I'm willing to bet that the proprietors of those businesses are not going to be nearly as friendly, considerate and accommodating as our coaches. It's true that they consistently ask us to keep the noise down when working outside and that all classes are done by 9PM.
Oct. 29, 2013, 9:29 pm
Daniel from South Slope says:
As a former member of Crossfit 718 and a resident of this neighborhood I can say without a doubt that the owners do everything they can to accommodate the neighbors regarding any noise that may occur during morning workouts.

They are also some of the warmest, kindest, and inspiring people I know and have only improved the neighborhood.
They provide an amazing service...tailoring high intensity Olympic style workouts to people with all experiences and fitness levels.

The article seems quite biased at one point referring to Crossfit as the "hated health club".....really?

If a report needs to be written about noise pollution why don't you go to 2 blocks over to 20th street....a 2way residential street...where 18-wheelers drive both ways as a detour to get around the expressway from 6am-6pm.

If I had a choice...I'd prefer the sounds of dedicated people working out to diesel engines anyday!!

Next time you walk past Crossfit718...go speak to the owners. ..or any of the will find some of the nicest people around....thoughtful and inspiring that should we welcomed in any neighborhood!!
Oct. 29, 2013, 9:40 pm
David from This Neighborhood says:
The clearly biased perspective of this article is unfortunate and disappointing.

However I consider it fortunate the development of South Slope, Greenwood Heights or whatever you'd prefer to call this rapidly-changing neighborhood includes a few institutions dedicated to improving the lives of it's residents. Especially with all the respect and care Israel, his wife and his team dedicate to their business and their members.

I sincerely hope Jena and Edwin are able to adapt to this change, or if not, that the next place they choose to live better suits their needs. And also that the next residents to occupy Jena's current apartment, if it comes to that, are made aware of what is happening on their block and the positive effect it has had on the people who choose to participate in what CF718 is offering.

I will say I hope this gym stays for a long time to come, but that really isn't necessary. The responses here do plenty to prove there are many passionate members who will see to that.
Oct. 29, 2013, 10:12 pm
Stacy from Cobble Hill says:
The last I checked, we are fortunate to live in New York City. However, with that comes a little noise pollution. I honestly prefer to hear motivated people forming healthy lifestyles and drawing in positive onlookers than gangbangers outside of a building shooting at each other. Crossfit718 provides a rewarding and life changing experience and the owners are two of the warmest people I know. CF718 even conducts fundraisers for cancer research, programs for underprivileged kids, etc. and they do so many other great things for their community. Their fees, calling it a cult, etc. has no bearing on the root of the issue. So in conclusion, I say to the neighbors "If you can't beat them, join them." I promise you won't regret it.
Oct. 29, 2013, 10:54 pm
Dee from Next to the "gym" says:
First of all the majority of you people that are supporting this Crossfit gym whether you are members or not do not live near or next door to it so you don't know what it feels like. I live in the building next door to it and have lived here for 30 years. I can say that this neighborhood and more specifically this block, has always been a quiet one and I recognize that with the number of bars and restaurants opening, the noise level has gone up and this is why I call the police when it does happen.
The noise coming from the Crossfit is extremely irritating to hear, especially in the morning and it’s not just the screaming of these so-called “coaches”, but the vibration coming from the tire(s) being flipped that cause the walls to shake and it can lead to foundation problems considering the age of the building. Imagine having to wake up every day and hear people shouting at the top of their lungs and having the wall next to your bed constantly shake every time they flip a tire, which I know continues to happen despite one of the member’s claim that they no longer use the tire. The people who move into apartment buildings or houses by subway lines move in aware of the noise and/or shaking they will experience where as in this case, most of the residents, myself included, lived here prior to the ruckus.
As for one of the commenter’s who said that the residents of the building should move, I’m sure you are aware that the rent in NYC is sky rocketing. It’s not easy for someone to just move out and have to pay double or even triple the amount of rent just to accommodate a group of people who have no consideration for you or the people in the neighborhood. Also, why should one have to move when I have lived here before this illegal business came to establishment? We’re not asking for anyone to move, but for them to acknowledge the issue and take action to resolve said issues which up until this point have not been handled.
It’s fine that they give money for cancer research, but we are not here to talk about merits. No person’s good merit should excuse any problem. Neighboring residents, including myself, have spoken to the people who run the Crossfit and they have responded indifferently to one’s complaint giving off a smug self-entitled attitude.
I am aware that this is a lengthy response and I took the time to respond as this has given me an opportunity to express my frustration with the lack of action taken. By the way serotonin can also be produced by receiving sunlight; you don’t have to throw a tractor tire to be happy.
Oct. 30, 2013, 12:53 am
Jon from up the block says:
I love this gym, it's made a huge difference in my life, and the owners and all the coaches are great.

This is a pretty biased article, and the writer hasn't done any fact checking. Most of the members pay a lot less than the fees listed here. For me it averages out to about $10/hr.

And, the owners always ask us to not drop the weights and to keep the music down especially in the early hours.

I've lived in the neighborhood for 7 years and i've been going to Crossfit 718 almost since it opened. It is a hugely positive addition to the neighborhood.
Oct. 30, 2013, 7:36 am
Jon from up the block says:
By the way - this quote is utterly ridiculous.

“It’s been a nightmare,” said 27-year Fifth Avenue resident Edwin Torres. “It’s so bad the walls shake. It might eventually start causing structural issues.”

Hey writer, you might want to say something about that. Dropping a 200-300 lb. rubber-covered weight on a padded concrete floor meant to have trucks driven on it (after all it was a warehouse space) is not going to cause structural issues.
Oct. 30, 2013, 7:39 am
Katie from Carroll Gardens says:
Again, as I said before and other members have reiterated, I know for a fact we are not allowed to use the tires because of complaints from the neighbors. I have been a member for over 9 months, and it has never been done. (Recently the gym was reorganized, and they were moved then to a different spot in the gym, but I am sure it was done during daytime hours.) When we ask why we can't use the tires, we are told it's because of the noise. Frankly, it's a shame we're not allowed to use them as other Crossfit gyms use them regularly. But as the gym is trying to be accommodating as possible about the noise issue, it's something that the paying members are willing to accept.
Oct. 30, 2013, 8:13 am
Cat from Park Slope says:
Anyone complaining about noise needs to move to Jersey. You live on 5th Avenue and 22nd street - NOT EXACTLY PEACE & QUIET!

This is a good problem to have, especially from a community focused, health conscious organization like 718. That gym is supporting and contributing to the health and well being of the area. Lay off and go get a workout in.
Oct. 30, 2013, 8:14 am
mike from park slope says:
i live on 12 st in the slope and there is noise. 8 million people live in this city after all. i go to this gym here and there and have to say they are nice people and do make an effort to curb the noise but its A GYM after all. if gyms were shutdown due to the complaints of making noise there would be no gyms to go to. i do feel bad for the people who lived next door for 30 years but you have been gentrified and it wasnt by a gym that did that to you, that much is for sure. the neighborhood is changing rapidly and with it your peace and quiet flew the coop. if it wasnt a gym it would be a bar, restaurant, or something else making noise from 8pm - 4am. is that a better option? to the person saying moving isnt easy you have to pay triple the rent.... you r looking in the wrong direction. you have to go away from those areas. try midwood, or deeper into greenwood/sunset area. rents get cheaper as you head in that direction. remember this is "progress"after all. the neighborhood improves, more business' open in the area making it a more desirable place to live which brings more people to the area which makes more money for the business' and more cash for the govt in the form of taxes, landlords and property owners see a level of asset growth they could never see in their lives otherwise. but unfortunately where there are winners there have to be losers and the renter is at the bottom of the totem pole. although it does sound weird to try to stop all that change so you can keep you 1000$ a month quiet apartment all to your lonesome. lesson of this story BUY YOUR PROPERTY AS SOON AS YOU CAN. imagine you bought your apt instead of rented 30 years ago. you would be sitting on half a mil and you would have to freedom to go and do anything you want (within reason of course, this is still NYC half a mil doesnt go THAT far). best of luck to you renters. change is here and even if this gym splits something else will take its place that will make noise and take up parking spots.
Oct. 30, 2013, 8:53 am
Koves from Greenwood says:
So, according to this publication, people getting up early to get in shape is a problem because less than a dozen people get woken 6:00am.....sometimes....due to the occasional sound of things dropping in an industrial area.

this is what the Brooklyn Paper calls "news"

Following this logic, I call upon the Brooklyn Paper to locate EVERY single place that's forcing people 6:00am.....sometimes... in the metro area. I'm sure the city will rally to the cause.
Oct. 30, 2013, 9:42 am
Eric B. from Ditmas Park says:
I've been going to the gym primarily at 6 am 2-3 times a week for nearly a year and a half,to great personal benefit. Have not flipped a single tire. What you are hearing is the dropping of weights, which we try to avoid as the owners always ask us to due to concerns for their neighbors. Obviously, we are not perfect in this regard, but we have made adjustments both with regard to the dropping of weights and the location of our outdoor run to accommodate neighbors.
This article endeavors to paint the people who use the gym as inconsiderate fat cats who do nothing but pay enormous sums of money to make noise and presumably drink smoothies, when they're not dropping mortgage sized payments on their childrens' after school programs. The insinuation is that we should just go somewhere else that's less expensive, less cultish, somewhere the writer could approve of as normal. Would it be less noisy if it cost less? Standard gyms work for some people. Some people need something different to keep them motivated. Despite the crossfit reputation, you need not be a cult member to join the gym. Most of us are normal people who try to limit the noise as requested. We understand that some noise will still get through despite the padding. Actual lifting of heavy weight nearly never begins before 620. I'm sure that a store that sold baby clothing would be preferable , but who says you would end up with that kind of merchant? A restaurant brings roaches, a cleaner, chemicals, a bar, noise and vomit. The place is pretty well set up to have a car repair shop, given the amount of structural reinforcement, steel floor panels with space underneath for equipment. I don't think that would be more enjoyable. All in all, the people who go are relatively normal, looking for a particular kind of workout, and they endeavor to limit the noise they make. Nobody's perfect, yet.
Oct. 30, 2013, 9:52 am
Mike C. from South Slope says:
I was going to preface my comment by saying that I'm biased because I go to this gym, but there is so much bias seething out of this article that it hardly matters.

That being said, since I don't live next to the gym, I can't argue the noise level (though I'm sure it won't be breaking any walls), but I can say that having lived in this neighborhood for several years, Crossfit 718 is a community staple. Even before I started going there, I knew it existed and always saw the neighborhood kids and residents hanging around socializing. Now being a part of this group, I feel a sense of neighborhood solidarity. As others have stated, the owners are amazing, caring people who do a lot for the community, and are far from greedy as this libelous article suggests.

What are these complaining residents doing for the neighborhood? I'm not accusing, just asking honestly.
Oct. 30, 2013, 11:01 am
Katie from South Slope says:
It's great that you are members of this gym and enjoy it. We're happy for you. Point is, sleep also helps with serotonin production and happiness. Aside from that, just because it wakes me up at 6AM doesn't mean I'm able to join. Some of us work 9-5s. Or, commonly, 9-9s, like myself. I'm not able to work out at 6am given my commute to work. For that reason, I have to work out AFTER work, from around 10:30-12, shower, STUDY, and go to bed. I get minimal sleep as it is and I have a right to work out when I want at a time that fits my schedule. I'm sure Crossfit appreciates the running advertisement they've asked for and you've all given them in response to this article, however, it just proves further that your Crossfit community feels it is bigger than the rest of the community surrounding it and is absolutely apathetic to the needs of its neighbors. Since you all work out at Crossfit at 6AM, I'm assuming you are in your beds at midnight. How would you like it if I came to your house and screamed when you were trying to sleep at an hour that fit into your schedule? We are all entitled and have a right to quiet enjoyment of our homes. I don't appreciate the blatant disrespect whatsoever. It is undeserved and unprofessional. Also, the intensity of the workouts is absolutely irrelevant. We are talking much less about how much you'd pay for such awesome workouts at such a great gym which you are advertising so fiercely here, and are more focused on a very obviously lacking sense of community and respect for those surrounding the gym.

It's pathetic.

To the comment directly above, again, you feel a sense of "neighborhood solidarity" within your crossfit circle and we get that and are happy you found it. We are sure that within THAT specific community the owners are amazing, caring people - towards the members of its immediate crossfit community. How about its neighbors? What I'm doing for my neighborhood is not interfering with my neighbors rights.

While Crossfit isn't in its right to impede on my quiet enjoyment of my home (or even exist at all, as you will find if you check the DOB website), I am within my right to begin smoking cigarettes and do so sitting indian style directly on the street in front of the gym. Why don't I? Because I respect what the gym stands for and I respect my neighbors. Why don't I get that respect back? I'm really not sure.

So there ya go. What I'm doing for my neighborhood is being a friendly part of it and causing ZERO harm to anyone. Crossfit isn't doing that for anyone who isn't paying their fees.
Oct. 30, 2013, 12:56 pm
Katie from South Slope says:
Oh, and just one more thing - the article isn't libelous at all, but throwing accusations like that out is defamatory.

The neighbors respect your choice to join Crossfit. Respect our choice not to. These comments are unreal and prove even more so the lack of respect. It's honestly sickening.

When people move above restaurants and bars there are implied nuisances of cockroaches, vermin, noise, vomit. However, I don't live above a restaurant for that reason and the bar doesn't bother me at all. If I thought the noise from the bar would be an issue, guess what? I wouldn't have moved there. Also, I decided to view the apartment late on a Friday night and, guess what? The noise wasn't bothersome. I had no way to anticipate and awakening noise at 6am on weekdays and 8am on weekends from an illegal gym.

Hopefully the DOB will handle this problem for us, since clearly Crossfit and its agents don't want to come to an amicable, neighborly solution, that might include screaming less or adding more padding or only using free weights in areas where there are mats stacked on top of each other. Throwing tires off walls at 6am? I don't know in what world that would possibly be okay.

Respect us as we respect you. Why is that so much to ask for? I couldn't have imagined such poor attitudes in response to this. The comments actually made the problem more personal for me.

Please know that you are not better than anyone else, though you obviously think you are. And again, think what you want, do what makes you happy, say and feel what you like. I don't care. It isn't my place to.

This is absolutely unbelievable.
Oct. 30, 2013, 1:11 pm
Thomas from Park Slope says:
This gym does so much for the neighborhood, under privileged youths, breast cancer etc.. the fact that these people are complaining is damn near appalling, I'm only an 18 and I went to this gym for a year and the owners treated me like a son only wanting to imorove my health and push myself, and not only did my health improve, so did my self esteem.. when you're pushing yourself to better you life, you can't help but make a little noise
Oct. 30, 2013, 1:14 pm
Dee from next to "gym" says:
I don't see how the Crossfit contributes to the neighborhood. It's only been open for two years and has been nothing, but a nuissance to the people around the neighborhood. What you people need to keep in mind is that when you go home at night and wake up in the morning you don't have to listen to or feel these irritating noises and tremors. I realize this is New York City I was born and raised here and have lived on this block for 30 years so trust me I am well aware of the noise volume that can be produced.

However, when someone brings up this issue of noise and disturbance that is intruding on one's quality of life than I feel that the person(s) who are creating this issue should have the common decency to be a bit more considerate and try and resolve said issue, not dismiss it. Keep in mind this business is illegal as it does not have the proper permit so they should be a little more humble. Plus it makes much more sense to have this type of "business" by third or second avenue where it is more industrial and isolated.
Oct. 30, 2013, 1:55 pm
Katie from South Slope says:
Thank you, Dee!

Uhh, Thomas, we aren't complaining about their helping underprivileged youths and fighting against breast cancer? You're right, that would be appalling. That's all great. What you aren't understanding is that the goods they do for others has NOTHING TO DO with the negatives they impose on their IMMEDIATE NEIGHBORS. That's what we are complaining about.

A little understanding would be nice. We don't necessarily want this illegal gym to be shut down as is required by law, we just want to come to an amicable solution. Clearly that won't happen given the lack of cooperation.
Oct. 30, 2013, 2:10 pm
Kat from Brooklyn says:
Katie & Dee -

What would you like this gym to do for you? Shut down their business? They are clearly trying to accommodate by telling their members to be quiet! This gym needs to modify their entire business for a handful of people who don't like what they do?

A nail salon moved into the space below my apartment - Saturday was my day off yet their busiest day - loud women talking, music playing, vibrations from massage chairs etc. I ended up leaving the apartment - who was I to tell someone how to run their business when I lived in a rented apartment. Saturdays were big for them - just like the 6 am class is probably popular with this gym. If it is that much of a problem for you then move - simple as that!
Oct. 30, 2013, 3:22 pm
Katie from South Slope says:
The gym is illegal, is the difference, and the degree of noise is unacceptable. Dee and I have legally binding leases. I also live above a bar that plays music that I don't complain about.

They do not ask their members to quiet down, clearly, since it's louder than ever. Obviously you are not a tenant here and cannot grasp the degree of the noise and vibrations. If the members were told it was unacceptable to scream and smash 300 lb weights onto the floor, the members wouldn't do it. Clearly they are not being asked, because the noise hasn't lessened whatsoever.
Oct. 30, 2013, 3:50 pm
Koves from Greenwood says:
I'm thinking we should all just hug this one out.

Katie and Dee, are the disturbances you're perceiving coming through load bearing walls of your building or does it seem to be all encompassing? I ask because there are a lot of different ways to dampen noise.

Reading into your comments a bit, I'm hopeful that a vibration choke point could be identified that would muffle the worst of what you're hearing.

Cinder blocks and concrete flooring are unfortunately excellent at allowing vibration and sound to travel, regardless of the activity being done. If your building is sharing a wall, or directly contacting with a wall of the gym then it's possible and likely that you're actually hearing a magnified version of the noise.

In the spirit of being neighborly, and I'm not simply a gym rat, I also drink at the bars next door, get my hair did at a barbershop nearby and otherwise love living my little life in the neighborhood, I'd like to offer my experience in sound dampening and perhaps find a middle ground that will allow the good owners of the gym to continue helping so many people and to allow other good people like yourselves to be able to sleep when an idiot like me drops a weight I shouldn't have been lifting and grunts accidentally. I never do it on purpose. I swear.

Please let me know if you'd like to engage in a conversation with me on this level. I'm always in the nearby and would be happy to see if there's some easy way to help everyone out.


Oct. 30, 2013, 4:22 pm
Dee says:
Kat- I should not have to move when I've been living here for 30 years and as I've previosuly said rent in NYC is extremely expensive now thanks to gentrification affecting this area. Moving somewhere else to pay double or triple what I pay is out of the question and why should I accommodate others who have no consideration for me?

While I hate the shouting and the annoying vibrations that come through my wall when I'm sleeping. I feel like this article or at least how the issue was presented discredits the problem. It's perceived as a bunch of whiny yuppies complaining about noise, but in reality long time residents are being affected by this disturbance. It's not a once a week problem like Kat mentioned with the nail salon, but rather an every day occurence. Some members say that they have taken the necessary precautions to avoid noise yet as I type this I'm hearing and feeling the vibrations coming from the "gym".
Oct. 30, 2013, 5:50 pm
Dee says:
We aren't the only people having this problem. Here is a link to another article where people in Williamsburg are also having issues with a Crossfit gym.
Oct. 30, 2013, 6:09 pm
Q says:
I live near this gym and I've seen the people who attend this gym and the coaches. I honestly don't think that the exercise training these coaches are providing work because lets just say these people aren't exactly in top physical shape; not to crush their dreams of being in the olympics.

They have a horde of people run around 22nd st. and along the cemetary with the coach yelling and clapping like a maniac for no reason. Not to mention they occupy the entire sidewalk when running. I've seen people (including women with children in carriages and the elderly) have to maneuver around these people running with dumbbells. As for their contribution to the community, I don't think spray painting "start" and "finish" on the 22nd st. sidewalk or along Greenwood Cemetary is considered contribution as much as it is vandalism.

So, as a long time resident myself, I completely understand the people who live next door to them and who have to deal with this idiocracy. As far as I'm concerned I can run around the cemetary without paying a $100 an hour while being healthy and without intruding on others quality of life.
Oct. 30, 2013, 6:47 pm
mike from park slope says:
The gym is not illegal and the building has a CoO. I just ran an address check on the DOB BIS. It is zoned C1-1 which is a commercial zoning so not sure who or why people think this is an illegal business. Any loser can make a complaint to the DOB and they have to investigate it which is all that has happened here.

I do like how you nice, neighborly people like Q seem to judge the gym bc you dont see olympians at the gym. What a joke. Would love to see the olympic body you've managed to achieve on your free runs around the "cemetery" (maybe less time complaining and more time educating yourself Q). Also think it's funny that now running on a public sidewalk is a huge problem for you and the neighborhood. Get real man.

Dee it was mentioned b4 and you obviously left it out of your reply but there are several hoods you can move to that will be the same or cheaper rent. What is it you pay there and I will find you places you can afford.

Katie the noise from the gym is def not ideal but lets put it in perspective, its in the morning not 3am. I live next to three construction sites that start jack-hammering very early. Now if I were you naggy nellies I'd be putting in a dob complaint every day but fortunately I am not that person. This is the sacrifice I made to live in this area. I am born/raised here and know "dem da breaks" as the cool kids say. I have to adjust my lifestyle or leave just like you can adjust your lifestyle or leave. The idea that you should be able to dictate what goes where based on your cheap rent is just plain stupid. You all sound like whining children.

Life is about change. I weep for you and all dinosaurs that are unable/unwilling to accept change. You are destined to a sad and pathetically futile life of snitching and complaining. Good luck with all that
Oct. 30, 2013, 7:24 pm
Q says:
First off girlie, I'm a woman and I have a membership at Harbor Fitness . I can assure you that I have better stamina and am in better physical shape than you, who will more than likely end up with a disproportioned tyrannosaurus rex body. And on a side note I don't have a problem with people jogging or running on the sidewalk, but I do have a problem when a horde of people are running around with dumbbells and fail to be considerate of the pedestrians trying to walk by and the fact that these people who are simply tryin to walk by have to manuever themselves around this joke of a horde is ridiculous and unheard-of. This is not Prospect Park to have a pack of "gym rats" running around. So save your tears for when you and your clown posse have herniated discs and hernias coming out the wazoo
Oct. 30, 2013, 8:33 pm
mike from park slope says:
"maneuver "
Oct. 30, 2013, 8:59 pm
mike from park slope says:
No point in flexing muscle online. Do a free session at crossfit. See if you can hack it. Whatever your idea of being in shape is, I promise you won't make it through a class.

p.s. That gym of yours is an absolute eye sore to an otherwise beautiful block. They should tear it down. Where can I file a complaint?? Now I see, complaining IS fun.
Oct. 30, 2013, 9:10 pm
mike from park slope says:

Oh boy more bad news for the Komplainin' Krew!
Oct. 30, 2013, 9:12 pm
Q says:
It's called a typo. At least I do not write like a teenage valley girl (e.g. b4). It seems like my response really got to you that you have to pick out minuscule irrelevant things. I graduated with a 4.0 GPA in History from Barnard College so I can tutor you about the Paleolithic time period (which seems like your kind of time period) or any other time period you'd like. Get real man.
Oct. 30, 2013, 9:18 pm
Q says:
Eyesore? you should be one to talk. At least Harbor Fitness is considerate of their neighbors. This is a real gym not an unsanitary shoe box.
Oct. 30, 2013, 9:24 pm
Dee says:
Let me educate you for free. The building is not illegal, but the business is. They don't have the proper permit or certificate for this type of business as it is registered under storage and plumbing. And if it is not illegal then why does the owner have to pay a $10,000 fine? Also, someone who makes a complaint to the DOB about this is not a loser, but rather someone who is well informed and knows their rights, unlike yourself.

Lastly, I was born and raised in Park Slope and I should not have to move out of the neighborhood I grew up in to accommodate mongols like yourself. Use the time that you want to help me find an apartment to find yourself a better hobby other than throwing around a tire or weights that wake up people including babies. Seniority rules, so if anyone has to make an adjustment it should be the people at the gym. Adapting to technology further benefits my life and career; how will adapting to mongols shouting and dropping weights on the floor benefit me? And what is with this snitching? What's next tattletale? Are you in elementary school?
Oct. 30, 2013, 9:29 pm
mike from park slope says:
iQ- Maybe your 4.0 helps you manuever around cemataries but it will not stop progress. Why not just find another apartment instead of torturing yourself. Surely with such a prestigious background you can afford to move, no?

Sweet Dee- Please let me know how your "seniority rules" philosophy works out for you.

Have to go to bed, early day at the gym tomorrow but don't worry, I will be extra quiet for you guys.
Oct. 30, 2013, 9:47 pm
Katie from South Slope says:
Errrrr, Mike, the building's C of O states that it is to be used as a storage facility. Someone complained years ago and the DOB responded by fining the gym 10K for the illegal conversion; money they still owe, FYI. The, "dont worry, I will be extra quiet" is pathetic. Your facetious threats are childish. I've never seen someone NOT overweight and out of shape walk out of that gym, so saying that others couldn't hack it is hilarious - but hey, whatever makes you feel better.

No one is moving. The only one doing anything wrong is Crossfit. And these comments are obviously endorsed by them, which makes it all the more merry and makes them look twice as bad. Do you think you are doing them a favor by making these comments on their behalf? They refused to comment themselves for a reason. Smarten up.

I didn't realize that asking for some respect would start a war but that just goes to show what kind of ignorance we are apparently up against. Feel free to tell us where you live so we can come throw tires at your walls at 6am and scream and wake your wife and kids up - unless your alone, that is - and then you can let us know how you feel after that.

Saying the gym isn't illegal and that the DOB didn't fine the gym for its lack of compliance with the C of O is actually kind of funny. It's right there. In plain sight. If you actually checked the website, how could you not see that? The DOB rep on the phone with me saw it when I called and brought it to their attention again today. Maybe you're doing something wrong. Or, two things wrong, rather.

Koves - Thanks for being the only person from Crossfit with something intelligent to say. That sounds like a great idea you should discuss with Israel that may lead to a solution. However, I doubt it will, because Israel does not want to make a change and is apparently encouraging all of this nonsense.

If anyone from Crossfit other than Koves has something (even remotely) intelligent to say, please feel free to interject. (Mike, it might be best to keep to yourself, in that case).
Oct. 30, 2013, 11:08 pm
Koves from Greenwood says:
Two people opened a business in an area they love and are from. They did it with the explicit intent of helping to the best of their ability.

They have succeeded in this goal. The NFP they run to give underprivileged children a proper intro to fitness is an inspiration to me. Many members of the gym feel their lives have improved in a tangible way because of their time spent there. The gym as a whole contributes to many noble causes. Call that Paleolithic or call it poetry realized, it makes no difference to me.

On that note, I again offer to change the topic of conversation to one that is geared towards finding equitable solutions so that we may act as a community that holds each other's best interests at heart.

Let me know the basics of the disturbances as you are experiencing them and I can probably find a way to dampen it significantly.

I know how to make two of these operate 5 feet away from your head and barely be audible.

Pretty sure I can figure out how to dampen the effects of some early morning cave men.

I'm an industrial designer by education. I became an aeronautical engineer by force of will, rose to research and development positions at world class companies, where I helped develop technologies that are not viewable to the public yet, but will change what is possible for human travel. Now I work for a world class architecture firm that is executing large scale projects that will help humanity thrive. I am a winner. There is no place I'd rather be than at that gym.

So you should get more specific about what the problem actually is if you are at all serious about making a solution. So far as I know, you've insisted that all change come from the gym owners' side of things. Your stance seems to be that the world must hold still at specific locations that you choose to reside at. That is the hymnal of a dying species. I am sorry, but that is a very shortsighted approach.

We are willing to listen to the specific problem and attempt to come to a workable solution. Wal Mart will not even notice your existence. Whole Foods is just opening. The Dominos sugar refinery project will redefine the brooklyn skyline. It is clear that things are changing rapidly.

We must change as well and commit to working together. Otherwise, the community stands to get brushed aside without effort when the next stadium gets built. I can assure you that there is a great deal of interest in building more Brooklyn stadiums. Many developers are simply looking for a suitable site.

Talk soon,

Oct. 31, 2013, 12:15 am
Rory from Crown Heights says:
My life improved exponentially after I walked through the doors of CrossFit 718. Words cannot express, the gratitude I have, for the owners of CrossFit 718, for just doing what they love to do. Their presence in the neighborhood is, without question, an incredible asset to the health and well being of the community as a whole. THAT, is the truth.
Oct. 31, 2013, 12:53 am
mike says:
oh come now katie, calling my snarky remark on being quiet a threat is a stretch even for a self entitled neighborhood crusader like yourself.

...and please with the attempt at some sort of moral high ground after referring to patrons of this place as overweight. thats pretty low to comment on anyones body type. not a very "adult" thing to do in my book. obviously all types of different people join a gym at all fitness levels. not everyone at a karate dojo is a blackbelt when they step in the door!! the challenge remains for you guys to try the workout and test your mettle. you will not be able to make it through as written but you will have fun trying and you will see what all the fuss is about. or maybe you wont. my wife hates it. she much prefers the traditional "workout" of mindlessly walking on a treadmill while reading a magazine.

on the tire front...i havent seen a tire used in over a year of going there. i dont even know if they physically are in the gym anymore. probably the result of management trying to keep the noise levels down for you guys.

re the building status. i didnt know until reading this article that the issue was this bad and cant imagine the owners had any idea of restrictions to the buildings use b4 signing the lease. it wouldnt be their style. they are very nice and very "by the book" types.

as a member of a gym i dont speak for the owners of crossfit anymore than you speak for mcdonalds just bc you eat there. if you want a real resolution to this step out from behind the computer and go sit down w Iz. he is a very nice and very reasonable person.

obviously this convo is pointless so this will be my last self indulgent time wasting post. good luck terraforming your perfect neighborhood
Oct. 31, 2013, 7:47 am
Koves from Greenwood says:
Adding to Mike's last point, I'm not speaking as a representative of the gym itself. I'm just one person in the community.

The owners of the gym have their own opinions which I'm completely unaware of.

I'm offering my skill set to help solve a problem. That's all.
Oct. 31, 2013, 12:37 pm
Katie from South Slope says:
I've tried to sit down with Israel and we had a very pleasant phone conversation that proved useless.

And we appreciate your offer to help solve the problem, Koves. Thank you.
Oct. 31, 2013, 2:01 pm
Katie from South Slope says:
And Mike, I only commented on the patrons of the gym because you said that anyone who doesn't go there couldn't survive a class. And I apologize.
Oct. 31, 2013, 2:02 pm
mike from ps says:
no worries katie it takes two to argue and i apologize for my role as well.

just a quick note on crossfit...the beauty of the system is that it scales to each persons ability. to do the workout as stated it very difficult and most people have to dial it back to their individual ability. i was a gymnast for a decade, a wrestler in college, do various types workouts now (bikram yoga, jiujitsu, ect..) and can honestly say it is one of the most intense workouts out there. its not for everyone but for people that want to be in tip top shape i just dont think there is a system that is better. you will find all sexes ages sizes and abilities in a class.

just curious, as again i am not the owner and have nothing to do w the operation of the gym, but what would be a compromise that you would be ok with? keeping in mind they have a business to run what would you like to see them change?

again, good luck at getting a resolution
Oct. 31, 2013, 3:01 pm
Mavin from Mars says:
You guys are funny! Thanks for the lunchtime entertainment. Koves, you are the best!
Nov. 1, 2013, 1:34 pm
Kenny says:
All members from every Crossfit gym can eat my ass free of charge.
Nov. 1, 2013, 9:24 pm
George says:
Let the people rest. Everyone is entitled to relax at home without their walls shaking.
Nov. 1, 2013, 9:40 pm
mzzzz from venus says:
kenny if we did that what would your mother do w all her free time??
Nov. 2, 2013, 9:56 am
Jack from Bay Ridge says:
The real culprit is the real estate agent who convinced people that 22nd Street is part of Park Slope. You live in Sunset Park.
Nov. 5, 2013, 11:33 am
Jay from Park Slope says:
I live in the building next door. The noise and vibrations used to be awful, they must have done something to decrease both because the heavy deadlifts aren't really felt or heard much anymore. They've made an effort and they haven't been a much of a nuisance for over 2 years now, which they were when they first opened up.
And all the way up to 24th street within 5th avenue and up is within the limits of Park Slope Mr.Jack.
Dec. 30, 2013, 9:54 pm

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