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Subway beat fresh

Subway muggings

The subway system itself was an accessory to at least two crimes last week.

• A man pickpocketed a woman while she was going down the stairs at the Jay Street-Borough Hall station on Nov. 18.

The 23-year-old victim told cops that she was catching an A train at around 12:45 pm when a man was bumped into her back and walked away quickly. Later, she discovered that the fast-handed crook had swiped a wallet, IDs, and $30.

• Hours earlier — and one station away — two gunmen raided a man’s pockets outside the F-train station at York Street.

The 19-year-old victim said he was near Bridge Street at around 6:40 am when the first perp ran up, demanded money and snatched the iPod out of his hand. A second perp ran up with a firearm and stole his wallet.

Group beat down

A group of 12 teenagers mugged a man and beat him on Willoughby Street on Nov. 14.

The 17-year-old victim told cops that he was walking near Albee Square at around 8 pm when a group of a dozen bike-riding teenagers demanded money and then beat him down to the ground and fractured his nose. They made off with some cash, though cops did not say how much.


A sneaky thief snatched a large lump of money, jewelry, and a wallet from a woman’s purse while she was at her desk inside an office building in the Metrotech complex on Nov. 17.

The 34-year-old victim said she took off her wristlet before she entered the building on Flatbush Avenue Extension between Myrtle Avenue and Johnson Street. At around 9 am, she realized that the jewelry, a Coach wallet and $1,000 were gone.

Baby blues

A thief stole a mother’s wallet out of her baby’s stroller as she shopped on the Fulton Mall on Nov. 20.

The 22-year-old victim said that she was in a department store between Bridge and Lawrence streets at around 5 pm when she stepped away from the stroller for just one minute.

The thief got away with $100 and IDs.

Left open

A thief walked through an open apartment door and swiped a cellphone on Nov. 16.

The 33-year-old victim said she left her Atlantic Avenue apartment, between Smith and Hoyt streets, at around 6:55 am without locking the door. When she returned four hours later, she discovered that someone had swiped her iPhone.

Bust open

Two burly thugs busted into a Smith Street apartment and swiped a camera on Nov. 20.

The 26-year-old victim said he left his apartment, which is between Wyckoff and Warren streets, at around 11:30 am and returned at around 7 pm to find the lock and doorframe broken.

The thieves had taken a digital camera.

Dine and whine

A thief snatched an expensive coat off a man’s chair while he was in the bathroom of a Front Street restaurant on Nov. 7.

The 32-year-old diner-turned-victim said he went to the restroom at around 11 pm inside the eatery, which is between Jay and Pearl streets.

When he came back, he noticed that a thief had snatched his Calvin Klein overcoat, eyeglasses, cellphone, and his house keys.

Timely theft

A crook snatched a cellphone out of a woman’s hand on Pierrepont Street on Nov. 18.

The 39-year-old victim was between Henry and Hicks streets at around 1 pm when a man asked her the time.

When she pulled out her Blackberry cellphone to check, he snatched it and disappeared.

Madman is ex

Fears that a madman was on the loose after a report that he had kidnapped a woman on Tillary Street near Adams Street on Nov. 11 were allayed somewhat this week after cops revealed that the perp and the victim were former lovers in a domestic dispute.

The initial police report did not say that the 37-year-old perp was the woman’s ex-boyfriend — a paperwork oversight because the crime involved two borough jurisdictions, a police source said.

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