‘Super’ parties at rival Cobble Hill bars

‘Super’ parties at rival Cobble Hill bars
Photo by Stefano Giovannini

Two storied football franchises are facing off in the Super Bowl —and so are two storied Cobble Hill bars.

Cody’s Bar and Grill on Court Street is the gridiron oasis for Steeler Nation, while a mere six blocks away, Angry Wade’s on Smith Street has cultivated the cheeseheads.

Both bars will be packed on Sunday as Terrible Towel twirlers and Green Bay Packer fans cheer their teams to victory (though one will inevitably lose).

Both bars love the out-of-towners (the Jets and Giants are out of it anyway, so why not let the winners celebrate and buy beer?).

“It’s been our best year ever because of the Packers fans,” said Wade Hagenbart of Angry Wade’s, while his counterpart, Kevin Cody concurred, noting it was impossible to get a seat during the playoffs.

Just as the blue-collar, defense-minded teams match up well, the similarities between Cody’s and Angry Wade’s are eerie.

Both bars emanate a relaxing, lived-in ambiance, with brass fixtures and stained glass lights, leather upholstered chairs, and hardwood floors.

Wings, mozzarella sticks and burgers are mainstays on the menus — as well as Brooklyn Brewery, Budweiser and Bud Light.

Even their sports loyalties are flaunted discreetly — a lone plaque from the Steelers’ 2009 Super Bowl hangs on a side wall at Cody’s and an American flag flown over the Packer’s stadium, Lambeau Field, is tucked above a jukebox at Angry Wade’s.

If we could describe Angry Wade’s as any member of the Packers, it would have to be the relentless, wild-haired, eating-machine that is linebacker Clay Matthews Jr.

“He’s an animal,” said Hagenbart.

If Cody’s were a member of the Steelers, it would have to be the unyielding, bone-crunching strong safety, Troy Polamalu.

“He’s a hard worker, and so are we,” said Cody.

Both bartenders are working overtime to make their home the best place to catch the game this weekend.

Angry Wade’s is rolling out an all-you-can-eat menu with barbecue turkey, pulled pork, and roast beef sandwiches as well as bratwursts from Wisconsin, $50 for men and $35 for women.

Cody’s is keeping its Super Bowl menu under wraps, like the Steelers’ defensive strategy, but expect a few three-man rushes of Buffalo wings and some corner blitzes of nachos to keep everyone alert.

Diehard Steelers fans Ann Gaffney (left) and Christina Baumberger will be going behind the Steel Curtain at Cody’s Ale House in Cobble Hill.
Photo by Tom Callan

Cody’s Bar and Grill [154 Court St. at Pacific Street in Cobble Hill, (718) 852-6115]; Angry Wade’s [224 Smith St. at Butler Street in Cobble Hill, (718) 344-3178]. Feb. 6. Game starts at 6:30 pm.