Swastikas carved into Midwood sidewalk

Swastikas carved into Midwood sidewalk
Dov Hikind’s office

Cops are searching for the bigot who scratched more than two dozen swastikas into wet cement on Newkirk Avenue on July 8.

Video surveillance shows the sacrilegious sneak etching 29 anti-Semitic hate symbols into the freshly poured sidewalk between Ocean Parkway and E. 8th Street shortly after midnight on July 8 — on Shabbat.

The incident is devastating to the Midwood community — home to many Jewish residents and Holocaust survivors — but the police are working hard to catch the guy, said a local pol.

“What has happened to society that people take any pleasure in spreading hate? Imagine the reaction of Holocaust survivors and their descendants who live in this community when they come across these symbols of hate?” said Assemblyman Dov Hikind (D–Midwood). “This was a purposeful determination to hurt people. But the surprise will be on the vandal who brought this hate crime to this neighborhood. He was caught clearly on video.”

The more-than-40-minute video obtained by the building owners even shows what looks like the neo-Nazi nogoodnik taking photographs of his meticulous and hateful work, said Hikind.

“This guy is on this knees drawing swastikas — he’s actually taking pictures of the swastikas as if he was going to publicise them to I don’t know who,” he said. “It’s just a remarkable scene that someone would indulge in this kind of hate, doing one after the other.”

Making matters worse, the bigoted graffiti carved into the cement — which was just laid down hours before — isn’t something that can simply be washed off, said Hikind.

“We’re talking about major damage,” he said. “Actually ripping out everything and redoing it, not just something you can just wipe off a wall.”

The incident comes amid a slew of other anti-Semitic acts across Brooklyn — police are still looking for the creep who painted swastikas all over Marine Park last year during the Jewish holiday of Passover, and just two months ago, another good-for-nothing scribbled one into the sidewalk in Gravesend.

The police department’s Hate Crime Task Force is investigating, officials said.

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