Swindler tricks man into coughing up $2,000

62nd Precinct

Bensonhurst—Bath Beach

Scam pattern

Swindlers scammed two men by pretending to be representatives from Con Edison in two separate incidents on July 3.

• The first phony called the victim around 10:30 am, threatening to shut off his electricity if he didn’t pay $999 within 20 minutes.

The man quickly went to a Bay Parkway store near Shore Parkway and bought two MoneyPaks worth nearly $1,000.

• In the second incident, the grifter contacted the man just before noon, asking for $2,000 and again threatening to shut his service off, this time within 30 minutes.

The man headed to a store at 15th Avenue and 84th Street to buy four MoneyPaks — worth $500 each.

Summer steal

A thief stole a gray 2013 Chevrolet Malibu from its Bath Avenue parking spot at some point after June 26, the owner reported to police on July 2.

The theft occurred at Bay 29th Street at some point after 5 pm that day, according to the report.

Check scam

A lout cashed a man’s check for $1,100 at a Bay Parkway store at some point after June 27, the man told police on July 4.

The theft occurred at the store between 64th and 65th streets at some point after 4:30 pm on June 27, according to police.

Crown jewels

A burglar broke into a Cropsey Avenue home on July 5 and stole jewelry.

The thief broke into the home at 21st Drive at some point before 1:45 pm, when the homeowner returned home, cops said. The perp left the front door unlocked, and there were no signs of forced entry, according to the report.

Look over your shoulder

A thief followed a man down 86th Street — from Bay 29th Street to 20th Avenue — and stole $1,700 from his front left pocket on July 5.

The theft occurred just after 3:30 pm, according to police.

What a drag

Police arrested a man who allegedly resisted arrest by dragging a police lieutenant with an open handcuff — causing pain and swelling on his right hand and arm — on 19th Avenue on July 5.

The alleged incident occurred just after 10 pm, between 83rd and 84th streets, police reported.

Jacked the goods

A thief stole a woman’s phone, credit and debit card, plus $50 on 68th Street on July 6.

The theft occurred between 19th and 20th avenues around noon, when the woman briefly left her materials unattended while bringing her kids home, according to the report.

Phony shopper

A phony stole the personal identification information of a W. Fourth Street resident and used it to obtain a credit card at some point after June 3, the woman told police on July 6.

The woman, who lives between 65th Street and Avenue O, reported the theft to police at around 1 pm on July 6.

— Julianne McShane