Tacos and donuts and bread — oh, my!

Tacos and donuts and bread — oh, my!
Photo by Stefano Giovannini

This week: we’re dreaming of tacos, donuts, and late-night grilled cheese cravings. Chow down:

Taco mania: North Brooklyn residents have been going crazy wondering when the mouth-watering Calexico Food Cart would be opening the brick-and-mortar location on Manhattan Avenue that we first reported in June. Well never fear, Greenpointers, it looks like owners Jesse Vendley and Peter Oleyer are hiring kitchen staff and just might open soon.

Donut connection: It looks like Cobble Hill’s Farmacy is expanding its culinary repertoire northward — all the way to Greenpoint. Eat Brooklyn Food reports that the soda fountain has been offering the Polish hood’s infamous Peter Pan Doughnuts to customers on the weekends, so go get ’em while they’re hot (though they won’t likely be hot)!

Smashingly delicious: Anyone who’s spent much time in the Midwest will be happy to hear the news: much-beloved chain Smashburger will be opening not one, not two, but three Brooklyn locations next year. No word yet on just where they’ll be, but rest assured that their delicious burgers topped with fried pickles and garlic-fried mushrooms are definitely borough-bound.

Bread Stuy: Word has it that our favorite bread obsessive, Matthew Tilden, is expanding Scratch Bread and opening up a walk-up window in his new Bed Stuy location, Grub Street reports. No word yet, however, on whether you’ll have to keep a baker’s hours to snatch them before they’re gone.