Take a bite outta the Bridge!

These guys have a bridge to sell you.

Maimonide of Brooklyn is dishing out open-faced odes to the Brooklyn Bridge in sandwich form — topping flatbread shaped like the monument’s arches with kale, eggplant, horseradish and Moroccan spices.

Just don’t call them pizzas. They’re MOBs.

“It’s been a trial to explain to people what it is,” said chef Neal Harden, referring to the whole-wheat mosaics named after the restaurant’s initials. “We’re constantly tinkering with the menu to make it more interesting.”

The Atlantic Avenue vegetarian spot offers an intrepid slew of architectural gluten, including the Iron Man, a blend of shiitake, sautéed kale and horseradish aioli; and the Brave Heart, a bold cocktail of sun-dried tomato, caper and parsley pesto and portobello mushroom.

There’s also the Belly Charmer, an arch of eggplant, zucchini, carrot, pistachio, mint and cilantro.

French hotelier Cyril Aouizerate is the mastermind behind these finger-food delicacies. He created his casual-chic boite in honor of medieval philosopher, Maimonides, who argued that God preferred people to adopt plant-based diets.

Aouizerate, who spends half his time in Paris, decked his cozy enclave with large wooden communal tables, a bright yellow wall with a flag of red, white and blue tiles, and a spot up front for a soulful deejay.

Waiters serve the MOBs, cut into three pieces, on Paris-made silver platters with indents perfectly shaped for the breaded curvature.

“People think it’s a novelty,” said Joseph Santiago, who works at Maimonide. “They’re overwhelmed by the space itself and then you see the food. It’s humble — something that’s so authentically Brooklyn.“

Maimonide of Brooklyn [525 Atlantic Ave. at Third Avenue in Boerum Hill, (718) 797-2555]. For info, visit www.mob-usa.com.

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