Talk about a ‘Mama Grizzly’!

Baby carriage

A new mom punched her victim in the face and stole his cellphone on Sept. 20 after the victim accidentally backed his car into the baby carriage on Taylor Street.

The victim was pulling into a parking spot near Bedford Avenue at 3:20 pm, when he unintentionally collided with the perp’s stroller.

The incident enraged the woman, who punched the driver’s face several times and stole his phone for good measure.

Police arrested the robber several hours later.

Pizza the action

Two perps tried to break into Roberta’s on Sept. 14 but couldn’t pry the door open.

The perps tried to enter the Moore Street building at 4:15 am, but an employee came to the door to see what the noise was, and the perps ran off down Bogart Street.

Morgan burg

A perp broke into a Morgan Avenue apartment on Sept. 15 and stole $2,200 worth of electronics.

The thief entered the building near McKibben Street after its tenant left at 1:30 pm, helping himself to two computers, two iPods, a phone and an external hard drive.

The tenants returned at 8 pm to discover the crime.

Kent computer

A thief stole $34,000 worth of jewelry from a Kent Avenue loft on Sept. 16

The perp broke into the building near Division Avenue after its tenant left at 10 am, helping himself to two computers, watches, earrings, and a diamond engagement ring.

When the tenant returned at 7 pm that day, she found her property was missing.

Keap sake

A thief stole a Hyundai that its owner parked on S. Fifth Street on Sept. 15.

The owner told cops that he parked the car near Keap Street at 11 am, but when he returned 22 hours later, the car was gone.

Deli slice

A violent thug sliced a Maujer Street deli store owner’s arm with a box cutter on Sept. 17 because he wouldn’t take the perp’s food stamps the day before.

The owner of the Wesam Eat Out Deli, which is near Graham Avenue, told cops that he had gotten into an argument with his eventual assailant at 4 am when he declined to cash his food subsidy check.

Four hours later, the would-be eater returned, pulled the knife and slashed the proprietor’s forearm.

Broadway rob

Two perps robbed a man on Hewes Street on Sept. 18, taking $300.

The perps approached the man from behind at 12:30 am, and took his wallet out of his pocket before fleeing down Broadway.