Teen brutes beat man for wallet, watch

84th Precinct

Brooklyn Heights–DUMBO–Boerum Hill–Downtown

Passion for pizza

A gang of six teenage brutes attacked a man as he tried to safely usher home a pair of steaming pizza pies on Jay Street on March 26, according to a report.

The victim was between Tillary Street and Tech Place holding his precious cargo when one of the young bruisers, all estimated to be between 14 and 16, smacked the bottom pizza box, knocking it to the ground, cops said.

Another ruffian knocked the victim to the ground with a punch to the face and the rest of the group set upon him, punching and kicking him and smashing his glasses, police said. The maniacs grabbed his wallet, $10 in cash, and a Casio watch before tearing off in an unknown direction, according to a report.

Up and over

An inventive thief stole a well-secured and pricey bike from its post on Jay Street sometime between March 13 and 14, according to a report.

The victim left his Parlee Z5 Ultegra bicycle, a fancy racing bike made from carbon fiber estimated at $4,100, locked to a street sign at York Street, securing it with two separate locks, at 5 pm on March 13, cops said.

When he returned at 10 pm the next day, a thief had lifted off the top of the street sign and slipped the bike, along with its locks, over the top of the sign, according to a report.

Brooklyn heist

A fiend with an eye for jewels snagged more than $15,000 in jewelry and camera equipment from a Monroe Place brownstone on March 16, according to a report.

Slipping through the front door of the home between Pierrepont and Clark streets at about 5:30 pm, the burglar proceeded to load up on valuables before beating a hasty retreat, cops said.

The sneak made off with a necklace, a pair of earrings, a pair of bracelets, a Nikon camera, a heap of equipment including flashes and lenses, and a MacBook Pro, according to police.

All told the bandit made off with an estimated $15,177 in jewels and equipment, according to a report.

Candy caper

A burglar with a sweet tooth for moola bashed into a Livingston Street candy store and made off with a safe full of cash in the early morning hours of March 17, cops said.

The lowlife busted into the sweets shop between Nevins and Bond streets using a crowbar, and managed to walk off with a safe containing $10,000 in cash, according to a report.

The expert thief was wearing gloves, and left behind no traces, police said.

Pizza pay

Two knife-wielding maniacs held up a Smith Street pizza shop franchise and viciously slashed a customer in the process on March 18, cops said.

The two brutes entered the pizza chain at Bergen Street at 5:45 pm and flashed a blade at a customer who was there to pick up a pie, according to a report.

After the louts swiped the man’s wallet, containing $200, and iPhone 6, one of the ruffians attacked the man, knocking him into a wall and stabbing him repeatedly in the leg and back, severely injuring him before taking off, cops said.

He is no gem

A thief looted an Atlantic Avenue jewelry store on March 22, according to cops.

The fiend entered the store between Smith and Hoyt streets at 2 pm and proceeded to snatch a total of $10,780 in diamond rings and other precious gems from a display case, a report said.

Cable crook

A contractor walked off the job at a MetroTech Center office building with a big, illegal bonus on March 25, cops said.

The worker, who was licensed to work on a secure data center in the building, vanished with a fiber-optic cable valued at $10,000, according to a report.

— Noah Hurowitz

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