Teenage mugs

Cops arrested four teens on March 17 for two muggings on the same day in Clinton Hill.

In the first incident, at 4:50 pm, a thug and four accomplices attacked a St. James Place resident on Willoughby Avenue near Emerson Place, throwing him to the ground, and grabbing a $100 cellphone.

Two hours later, the same five teens allegedly assaulted a 48-year-old woman as she was pushing her groceries along Myrtle Avenue at Steuben Street. The victim, a Classon Avenue resident, said the suspects pushed her against a fence and tried to take the items from her cart. The brave woman fought back, prompting the thugs to run east along Myrtle Avenue.

Cops later picked up four teenage boys at the corner of Willoughby Street and Classon Avenue for the crime. One boy was 14 years old, two were 15, and another was 16. The fifth mugger was noter found.

Another mug

A hooligan grabbed a 38-year-old Queens resident from behind on March 17, stealing hundreds of dollars from the victim, before running away.

The incident occurred at the corner of Washington and Park avenues at 3:30 pm. The thug stole $330, and then fled east on Park Avenue.


Two men taunted a 26-year-old Kensington resident, chased him down and cut his arm at a mall near the corner of Flatbush and Atlantic avenues on March 15 at 6:20 pm.

The victim was taken to Long Island College Hospital.

Gunpoint robs

There were at least two robberies at gunpoint this week in Clinton Hill, cops said.

In the first incident, on March 20, two armed men assaulted a 25-year-old Gates Avenue resident right in front of his home.

The victim said he’d noticed the two strangers park their late model, blue Dodge sedan at the corner of Fulton Street and Clinton Avenue at about 4 am. They followed him by foot for two blocks, until he reached his home, at Waverly Avenue, when they took out their guns.

“Take off your s—t or I’m going to pop you,” said one of the robbers. The victim complied, handing over his iPhone, watch, “Jesus head” pendant and chain.

In the second incident, at 5:30 am on March 22, a thug assaulted a 26-year-old Brooklyn Heights resident as he was leaving a club on Park and Washington avenues.

The victim was walking toward his car, parked four blocks away at Clermont Avenue, when the armed robber, whom the victim had noticed in the club, pulled out a black gun and demanded his jewelry.

The victim refused, prompting the robber to pistol-whip his left eye, and then steal his gold-and-diamond Rolex, a diamond ring and a solid gold cross.

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