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Teens attack and rob man on Lorimer St.

90th Precinct


The power of suggestion

A pair of teenaged robbers attacked a guy on Lorimer Street on his way home on July 12 and stole his iPad.

The victim told police he was near Ainslie Street, wearing headphones and carrying his iPad in his hands, as he walked home from the train station at 1 am. One of the robbers ran up from behind him and punched him in the face.

“Let go of your iPad,” the robber said.

The victim dropped his iPad and another guy ran up and took it before the pair ran off.

Opportunity knocked

A crook grabbed an iPhone out of a woman’s hands on Maspeth Avenue on July 14.

The victim told police she was Olive Street at 11:05 pm, talking on the phone, when the guy pushed her and tried to grab the phone out of her hand. When the victim resisted, he pried the iPhone out of her fingers and then ran off.


A pair of punks attacked three guys walking home on Humboldt Street on July 12 — beating them with a plastic tube but taking nothing.

The three young man told police they were between Ainslie and Powers streets at 5 am when the goons came up behind them.

“Give me your phone, give me your wallet” one of the thugs said, before hitting one of the victims in the face with a hard plastic tube.

The tube-wielding fiend then beat all three of the victims while the other tough guy stood behind him. The guys — one of whom was wearing a smiley face on his shirt — then ran off without taking any property.

The victims were able to identify their attackers from the surveillance video in a store Metropolitan Avenue, but the attackers have not been caught.

Three on one

Three older guys beat and slashed a teenager in the stomach on Roebling Street on July 14.

The 16-year-old victim told police that he was between S. Ninth Street and Division Avenue at 10:10 pm when the three guys attacked him. One of them punched him in the face and another one slashed him in the stomach with a sharp object.

The victim was taken by ambulance to Woodhall Hospital and the attackers have not been caught.

Bad house guests

A woman found out the hard way not to allow strangers into her Humboldt Street house during a party on July 12.

The victim told police that she threw a party at her apartment between Boerum and Seigel streets. The party started at about 11:30 pm and ended at 5 am.

When the reveling was over, she went to her bedroom and found many of her belongings missing, including a Coach purse, $200 in cash, a credit card, her car keys, and her driver’s license. When she went outside she found that somebody had to use her car without her permission.

Train snatch

A guy pulled an iPhone out of woman’s hand as she was sitting on the J train at the Lorimer Street station on July 14.

The woman told police that she had gotten on the train at Chambers Street in Manhattan and was heading towards home at 3 pm. As the train pulled into the station near Broadway, a guy grabbed the phone out of her hands and fled out the door just as it opened.

— Danielle Furfaro

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