Teens slam senior with ice balls

Cold as ice

Two cold-hearted pre-teens chucked ice balls at a 60-year-old woman at St. Edwards Street and Myrtle Avenue on Feb. 8, leaving their victim with a smattering of bruises.

The woman was nearing the intersection at 7:05 pm when the thugs struck her in the face with clumps of ice, knocking her to the ground. They then kicked the woman in the face, giving her a split lip.

iPhone socked

A thug snagged an iPhone from a 26-year-old straphanger during a furious Feb. 13 clash on a C train entering the Clinton-Washington station.

The victim was listening to music on the fancy device at 2:12 pm when the thief grabbed it — punching its owner in the face when he tried to get his beloved smart phone back.

Daughter devil

An ugly crook raided Carol’s Daughter on S. Elliott Place on Feb. 12, taking $400.

Workers at the beauty product purveyor at DeKalb Avenue said the thief forced his way inside just as they were closing for the night at 7:55 pm, pretending to to have a gun in his pocket.

Cig swipe

A crew of thieves plundered a cigarette delivery truck parked on DeKalb Avenue on Feb. 7 — while the driver was inside!

The Sunrise Wholesales truck was between Clermont and Vanderbilt avenues at 3:10 pm when the thieves opened the back of the rig, removing more than $2,400 in smokes.

Laptop looter

A thug jumped a 26-year-old man on St. Edwards Street on Feb. 10, taking the man’s laptop.

The victim was between Park and Myrtle avenues at 4 pm when the thief approached and punched him in the face.

Vest villain

A 15-year-old hooligan who still finds vests fashionable tried to hold up a 12-year-old on Adelphi Street on Feb. 7 — but ended up clothed in nothing but failure.

The victim was between Willoughby and DeKalb avenues at 2:30 pm when the thug approached, acting as if he had a gun hidden under his shirt.

“You got 10 seconds to give me that vest,” the thief said, but the victim brought a quicker end to the heist by walking off — leaving the thief empty-handed.

Hot wheels

A thief made off with a 2003 Lincoln Navigator on Feb. 11 as its owner checked the SUV’s tires near the corner of Atlantic Avenue and St. James Place.

The victim conducted his tire inspection 9:45 pm — not realizing that he left the door open and his keys in the ignition.

Wheely nasty

A crew of criminals raided a U-Haul truck from a parking lot on Ashland Place between Fulton Street and Lafayette Avenue on Feb. 8, taking thousands of dollars in camera equipment.