Terrifying home invasion

77th Precinct

Prospect Heights

All tied up

Four thugs forced their way into a man’s Washington Avenue apartment before binding him with cord and stealing some electronics on Sept. 14.

The victim and his brother were in the hallway of the building between Sterling and Park places at 3 pm when the thugs muscled their way into the apartment and restrained the brothers with a cord.

The perps pulled a handgun and one threatened, “If you move I will kill you.” The criminals got away with two iPods, a laptop and a cellphone.

Purse pilfer

A sneak swiped a woman’s purse from her Prospect Place doorstep on Sept. 12.

The victim left her purse on the front steps of her building between Underhill and Vanderbilt avenues at 9:50 am. The purse, along with her military ID, medication and two credit cards, was gone 10 minutes later.

Glass stealing

A thief broke into a Volkswagen on St. Johns Place on Sept. 19.

The jerk smashed the front window of the Jetta between Underhill and Classon avenues at around 10 am, stealing a navigation system and an iPhone charger.


At least two iPhones were swiped last week:

• A thief snatched an iPhone from a woman on Bergen Street on Sept. 14.

The victim was between Underhill and Vanderbilt avenues at 8:45 pm when the crook came up from behind and snatched the fancy phone before fleeing.

• A shoplifter grabbed an iPhone from a store on Vanderbilt Avenue on Sept. 12.

A worker inside the store between St. Marks Avenue and Prospect Place said that the criminal entered sometime between 3 and 7 pm and swiped the much-desired phone.

Steal wheels

A burglar stole several items from a man’s car on Eastern Parkway on Sept. 15.

The owner told cops that he parked between Washington and Underhill avenues at around 9 pm, and he returned soon thereafter to discover that his backpack, binders, notebooks and several folders were missing.

— Alfred Ng

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