The Chuck stops here: Schumer’s Park Slope pad already a protest hotspot!

The Chuck stops here: Schumer’s Park Slope pad already a protest hotspot!
Photo by Jordan Rathkopf

These protestors put the “civil” in civil unrest!

Around 200 polite eco-activists rallied outside Sen. Chuck Schumer’s Park Slope pad on Monday, demanding he fight President-elect Trump’s nominees for key environmental positions — and the rabble-rousers were so well-behaved, even the counter-protesters were impressed.

“This was one of the most civil groups of anti-Trump demonstrators I’ve come across — almost too civil,” said Trump fan Jim MacDonald, who traveled from Queens to protest the protestors outside Schumer’s Prospect Park West apartment building. “There’s a level of danger at some of these [protests], but the one last night, because they were such civil people, I didn’t feel it whatsoever.”

Protests are already becoming a regular feature outside the new senate minority leader’s tony Prospect Park-adjacent home — there was one on Sunday night and another on Tuesday.

Monday’s rally was organized by environmental activist group 350 Brooklyn in an effort to pressure Schumer into taking a hard stance against Trump’s climate-change-denying picks — including ExxonMobile honcho Rex Tillerson for secretary of state, Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt for head of the Environmental Protection Agency, former Texas Gov. Rick Perry as Energy Department chief, and Montana Rep. Ryan Zinke as secretary of the interior.

Schumer has poor reputation among environmentalists when it comes to climate issues, and the protestors are worried he will give into Trump’s nominees without a fight, according to the event’s organizer.

“He has in the past been a man who makes bargains, deals to get the political process moving forward,” said 350 Brooklyn coordinator and Park Slope resident Sara Gronim. “Our concern tonight is he doesn’t make a deal on these four.”

Meanwhile, Macdonald and a pal held a sign reading “Climate Change is Crap” in the hopes of foiling the activists’ efforts.

At some point in the evening, one protestor called MacDonald “an idiot,” but the demonstrators were otherwise polite and left them unmolested, he said.

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