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The diary of Ann Castello

Our pal Ann Castello, a.k.a. the Bensonhurst Bubba, shared with us the diaries she started keeping when she was 11 years old in 1947.

The other day, she sent us this unedited entry from her 12th birthday on June 6, 1948. Reading it, we were immediately transported back to a simpler day — one that we wanted to share with our readers.

So take it away, Ann (age 12):

Today is my 12th birthday. I went to the Marlboro [Theater] with Margaret to see “If You Knew Susie” starring Eddie Cantor. Margaret treated. It was 40 cents each. When we came out, Sam the Ice Cream Man was there and we each got a vanilla cone for 10 cents. Margaret paid again. Nice birthday!!!

We walked back to her house and played two games of jacks. I lost both games. I think Margaret cheated. Her parents were going to the J [Bensonhurst Jewish Community Center] and asked us to walk with them.

We watched two innings of basketball and I went home alone. Grandma was at my house and they all sang “Happy Birthday.” I had cake and Pepsi. Grandma gave me two silver dollars and mom gave me the blue twin sweater set I had wanted. I did homework for a half hour and went to sleep.

Good-bye, birthday,

Your loyal subject and author-extraordinaire,


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