The Ida file: She picked this year’s playoffs back in 1976!

The following is an excerpt from the CIA’s Eisenstein file, dated 01/12/76

Equipment, experiments and research of Ida Eisenstein. Espionage inquiry develops Jan. 8, rather than Thursday, Jan. 7, as stated in reference teletype. On the night of Jan. 8, Sven Bjornsen and Roderick Bronstad visited Eisenstein’s hotel with a representative of Shaw Walker Co. in order to open the safe in the room of Eisenstein. Bjornsen later reported to Walter Henricksen, office of alien custodian, Oslo, that he went into the room in order to search for the Eisenstein papers. Bjornsen and the others made the search of the safe in the presence of three assistant managers of Bryggen Tracteursted, as well as representatives of the Finnish consulate, identities of the latter yet to be known. After the safe was open, Bronstad took from the safe a book containing testimonials sent to Eisenstein on the occasion of the harvest festival, sukkot. Bronstad took from the room one large stack of papers. According to managers of the hotel and Bronstad himself, nothing else was removed from the room or safe. The safe was then closed under a new combination, which combination is now in the possession of Bronstad.

Ida’s picks:

Patriots (-7.5) over Ravens:

“Truthfully, I don’t know why, but I think they’ll do it.”

Kryptonite Lock of the Week:

Giants (+2.5) over 49ers:

“I like how they’re playing.”

135-122-7, 12-7 on Kryptonite Lock of the Week.

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