The Marathon in Brooklyn — 12 miles of beers

The Marathon in Brooklyn — 12 miles of beers
Photo by Stefano Giovannini

Thousands of long-distance runners will brave the 26-mile trek on Nov. 6 during the New York City Marathon — and just as many fans will line Brooklyn’s boulevards to root them onwards.

But standing in the cold for three hours just to see a glimpse of your friend pass by for half a second can get exhausting.

Luckily, some of the best-stocked watering holes will be open early to keep you sated from Mile 2 to Mile 12.

Here’s our running round-up:

Kelly’s Tavern

Bay Ridge

After fleeing Staten Island via the Verrazano, most runners will turn right onto Fourth Avenue — one block away from where you’ll be enjoying your breakfast basket of wings.

The Tavern doesn’t open until 10 am, so stake out a good spot inside tiny Pigeon Park between 95th and 96th Streets and cheer on the lead pack.

Or stand in front of the tavern and heckle the sweatier, clumsier runners before retreating inside to Kelly’s cozy confines to watch three hours of NFL pregame coverage.

The bar boasts an all-day happy hour from 10 am to 7 pm and an unpretentious menu of its famous barbecued wings, burgers and hot dogs.

Mission Dolores

Park Slope

The fun continues up Fourth Avenue to Mission Dolores, the Slope’s favorite beer bar, which is roughly at the one-quarter mark of the race.

The bar is known for its vast quantities of craft brews — try a tasty Dogfish Head Indian Brown Ale or a filling North Coast Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout.

Take your order outside to Mission’s garden and contemplate the complex aromatics of your beverage while red-faced runners stumble and drool by you.

Mullane’s Bar and Grill

Fort Greene

They’re coming…When the marathoners are burning calories this Sunday, work up an appetite by cheering from the sidelines, then head to one of our approved spots for fill up on good grub and beer.
Jeff Bachner

Fort Greene is one of the most boisterous places to watch the marathon — and Mullane’s is on the neighborhood’s most spirited block.

The bar will be setting up extra outdoor seating for you to soak in the race and start serving brunch, including its popular eggs Benedict, at 9 am.

That should give you plenty of fuel to shout your heart out and dance to the sounds of the Bishop Loughlin HS pep band.

“The runners love running by us — they’re anticipating Bishop Loughlin’s version of the theme from ‘Rocky,’ ” said Mullane’s manager Todd Sample.

Turkey’s Nest


What’s left of Williamsburg’s long-time residents know where to get cheap booze while the game is on — and the marathon is no exception.

Down a Bud or Turkey’s famous “margaritas” — pretty much an alcoholic slushie — and fist bump the throngs as they pass.

Or sneak out your order in a to-go cup and hand it to an attractive thirsting athlete next to the water station at N. 12th Street — he can get the next round, or six, later that afternoon.

Peter Pan


If you live in Greenpoint and you’re anything like our arts editor, you’re probably sleeping in on Sunday.

But fear not — the best part of the marathon is often watching its slowest, largest participants lunge past the halfway mark at Manhattan Avenue and Milton Street.

And what better way to do that than with a bag filled with a half-dozen Peter Pan donuts in one hand and your camera in the other?

At $1 a donut, you can even afford to feed a few of the stragglers — because they probably won’t eat again until they finish at sundown.

Kelly’s Tavern [9259 Fourth Ave. between 92nd Street and 93rd Street in Bay Ridge. (718) 745-9546]; Mission Dolores [249 Fourth Ave. at President Street in Park Slope, (718) 399-0099]; Mullane’s Bar and Grill [71 Lafayette Ave. at S. Elliot Place in Fort Greene, (718) 797-7606]; Turkey’s Nest [94 Bedford Ave. at N. 12th Street in Williamsburg, (718) 384-9774]; Peter Pan Bakery [727 Manhattan Ave. between Norman and Meserole avenues in Greenpoint, (718) 389-3676].

Iiiiiit’s marathon time! William Dithridge, a bartender at Mullane’s bar in Fort Greene, is pretty excited that the establishment is situated right in the middle of the marathon route.

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