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The snorkel bandit strikes again!

Deli dimwit

The snorkeling-masked man strikes again, but this time a Broadway deli store is the victim.

Cops say that the masked bandit grabbed a Tropicana juice from the deli’s refrigerator at 9:30 am on May 12 before he was confronted by two clerks.

He slapped one on the head, flashed a knife at both of them, said, “Come here!”

When they backed off, he threw a rock at the store window, shattering it, as he fled down Throop Avenue on his bike.

Truck stop

A beggar asked a truck driver for spare change while he was idling on Lynch Street on May 12, but soon pulled a gun at him and received a lot more money.

According to police, the perp knocked on the truck driver’s side window at 12:35 pm asking for some loose change. When the driver searched his pockets, the perp knocked again, but this time he pointed a black semi-automatic handgun at the window. The driver handed over $500, and the significantly richer beggar fled toward Union Avenue.

iPod first

Two perps held up their victim with a BB gun on Roebling Street on May 12 and stole an iPod before police nabbed them an hour later.

The perps approached a man at 1:20 am when one pointed a black handgun to the left side of the victim’s head while the other shouted, “iPod first.”

Then he pulled out $288 from the victim’s pocket and told him to “take a walk” while both thugs fled towards Broadway.

Police nabbed both perps and the gun later that night.

Phone punch

Two thugs punched a man on Bushwick Avenue on May 9, stealing his cellphone as he was walking to a store.

The perps got in an argument with a man at 11:30 pm, before one punched him in the face, grabbing his phone and running down McKibbin Street.

Police nabbed the perps two hours later.

To-go rob

Two robbers hungry for cash held up a pizza delivery boy on S. Second Street on May 10 just after he dropped off an order of extra cheese to a couple nearby.

The thugs approached the delivery man from his behind near Bedford Avenue at about 1 am when they hit his elbow and knee, grabbed his cellphone and $80, and fled down Bedford Street in their SUV.

GPS gone

A thief broke into a van, which was parked on a lot on S. Forth Street on May 8 at 7:30 pm, and stole its navigation device and iPod charger.

The van’s driver returned at 8 am two days later to find the items missing.

Strip maul

A thief broke into a Grand Street apartment on May 10 between 1:20 pm and 4 pm, robbing its tenant blind.

The thief destroyed the front lock and grabbed $10,525 worth of property including a new digital camera, laptop, and iPod, and left out the front door before its tenant came home.

Bike bandit

A cycling crook pushed a bike rider off his bike on Roebling Street on May 10, stole it, and used it as his own getaway vehicle.

The crook approached the cyclist at 8 pm and shoved him off his BMX Mongoose near S. Eighth Street, before riding down Roebling Street a few minutes later.

Drill bit

A burglar broke into a Wythe Avenue factory between 9 pm on May 10 and 9 am the next day, swiping $3,000 and over $4,000 worth of drills and saws so he could no doubt break into other buildings more easily.

Chevy broke

A perp broke into a sedan parked on Hope Street between 10 pm on May 12 and 9 am the next morning, stealing the victim’s wallet and two cordless drills.

Nissan gone

A thief stole a sedan that had been parked on Bedford Avenue at 8:30 pm on May 13. It was gone when its owner returned at noon the next day.

Apartment break

A burglar broke into a man’s Heyward Street apartment between 7 pm on May 13 and 2 am on May 16, stealing $1,000 worth of jewelry and $200 in charity collections.

Wall ball

A violent thug grabbed his victim’s head and shoved her against the wall on Hewes Street on May 15, emptying her purse and leaving her head bruised.

The perp approached his victim from behind at about 3:15 am when he forced her against the wall. He removed her cellphone and $70 before fleeing towards Scholes Street.

Mac gone

A thief broke into a woman’s S. First Street apartment on May 13, and lifted two computers while the tenant was at work.

The perp broke into the building, which is between Bedford and Berry streets, between 10 am on May 13 and 4:15 pm the next day, stealing two laptops and fleeing when the victim was out.

Bedroom break

A burglar broke into a woman’s Grand Street apartment on May 12 and stole everything he could carry while she was at a school dormitory.

The perp forced his way into the building between 11:40 am and 3 am on May 15 and grabbed $6,200 worth of cameras, computers, and clothes, before fleeing the scene.

— Aaron Short

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