There’s a reason they’re called ‘Never Scared’

There’s a reason they’re called ‘Never Scared’
Photo by Stefano Giovannini

Never Scared is always scoring.

The purple-pleated patriots pummeled through Sunday’s matches, tallying 19 runs while dispatching both its opponents this weekend

The team broke away from its annual crawfish boil to scald Hot Mess, 10-4, and threw cold water on Diddy’s Meat Party, 9-0, behind a walk-off grand slam from a rookie outfielder.

Never Scared’s “Hot” Karl Pawlewicz said his team was “letting loose and having fun,” which led to the lopsided scores — but was careful to credit Diddy’s John “Placido” Domingos as “one of the best captains in the league” and a “good friend.”

“They always have a good squad, but for whatever reason we just match up well against them,” said Pawlewicz.

It was not a fun night for the re-named Diddy, which saw its undefeated record marred by big purple and then by the Bacon Bits, 6-0.

Diddy co-captain Kristin “With an I” Gutekunst blamed two college reunions from Fordham University and Connecticut College and a birthday party for gutting her roster except for four members.

“We were not in full form, or rather any form, to play,” said Gutenkunst. “One big issue was getting the ball back to the pitcher, and throwing the ball to a strategic base. This is something that is learned through playing.”

In other games, the New Frontiersmen continued its dominance on the kickball prairie with wins over the Kickey Mouse Club, 4-2, and Zeus’ Beard, 6-1, while the John Cougar Mellencamps tamed a tired Hot Mess, 6-1, and stymied Drinkers with a Kicking Problem, 3-1, thought that game was truncated when the lights above the field went out at 11 pm.

And Saved by the Balls kept rolling with a nail-biting one-run win over Living on a Prayer followed by a mercy win, 10-0, over Taco Taco Taco that ended in the fourth inning, when Brett “Rosie” Ruiz’s home run brought in three and Noah “Ark” Levy kicked a home run to bring in two more Balls.

The Mathletes also added a tense win against the Kicking Problem, 1-0, after losing to Zeus, while the Space Cadets also split the weekend with a win over the Recession Aggression but a loss to the Kickiables.

Brooklyn Kickball at Gilroy Field in McCarren Park (Bedford Avenue at N. 13th Street in Greenpoint), Sundays, 5–11 pm.