These jack-o-lanterns are real cutups

These jack-o-lanterns are real cutups


The Boerum Hill home Joyce Draganosky and Laureen Callo has once again become a spooktacular display of pumpkin macabre.

The Bergen Street brownstone between Nevins and Bond has a display featuring a wigged-out blonde “Carrie” with dried blood, a pumpkin with his brain exposed, and — the piece de resistance — a Halloween chef who appears to be smiling as he cooks up other pumpkins on a grill while holding court over an agog throng of teeny-tiny squash.

“We do it for the kids in the neighborhood,” said Callo, a banker with JPMorgan Chase.

“Carrie” weeps silently on the stoop.

“Yeah,” added Draganosky, a filmmaker, writer, director and owner of Hollywon’t Films whose work, “Happenstance,” won a Home Box Office’s short film competition. “We love to hear them squeal.”

But it’s all in good fun.

“They stop to take pictures,” said Draganosky, whose offering to the community last year was a “cannibal pumpkin” while her gal-pal kept it tame with one that merely vomited.

Fancy him as your neurologist?