These two have a beef — better serve the red

Nicole Brydson

With a new winery in Williamsburg opening this week and a line of Brooklyn Wine Company bottles already for sale all over town, Brooklyn is staking a claim (a small one, but still) at being the new Napa Valley.

But that doesn’t mean the guys from the Brooklyn Wine Company like it one bit.

The Brooklyn Winery tried to trademark its name, but was denied by the government because the Brooklyn Wine Company already secured a trademark for its similar name.

Brooklyn Wine Company co-founder Adam Goldstein is still so concerned that vino-lovers will confuse the two companies that he hopes to pressure the Leventhal and Stires to change their winery’s name.

However, no lawsuits have been filed.

Leventhal declined to comment, but Goldstein was quick to say that he only had a problem with the Brooklyn Winery’s name, not its concept.

“The thirst for wine and wine knowledge is expanding in Brooklyn and their winery seems to be a nice fit,” Goldstein said.