Thief breaks in while two women sleep

Sandman sneak

A burglar crept into an Eastern Parkway apartment on Oct. 16 as two women slept inside.

The victim and her roommate went to bed inside their apartment between Plaza Street East and Underhill Avenue at 1:30 am, and within a few hours, the thief had entered, taking $1,500, some credit cards and a laptop computer.

It was unclear how the victim got inside, although the tenant admitted to police that her “door doesn’t always close.”

iPhone snag

A thief on a bicycle snatched an iPhone from a 27-year-old woman on Oct. 20 during a roll-by robbery on Flatbush Avenue.

The victim was between Prospect and Park places at 2 pm when the thief sped by on a 10-speed, plucking the phone from the woman’s hand as he passed.

Wallet rob

Two muggers pulled a gun on a 46-year-old man on Oct. 15 during a furious confrontation at Sterling Place and Underhill Avenue.

The victim was nearing the corner at 3:25 am when the thieves grabbed him, ordered him to shut up and made off with his wallet and cellphone.

Fed infraction

A thief became a contender for the FBI’s Most Wanted list on Oct. 15 after he broke into a car on Bergen Street belonging to the federal agency.

The agent responsible for the 2005 Dodge Suburban left the vehicle between Vanderbilt and Underhill avenues at 5 pm that Friday. He returned two days later to learn someone had broken a door lock and taken a navigation system, pair of binoculars and a magazine for a FBI-issued handgun, cops said.

Grab and go

A quick-moving thief jumped a 21-year-old woman as she walked down Prospect Place on Oct. 13, taking her cell phone.

The victim was between Vanderbilt and Underhill avenues at 8 pm when the thief surprised her and snatched the phone from her hand.

Pocketbook pinch

A thief made off with a 26-year-old woman’s handbag on Oct. 16 as she dined at Tom’s Restaurant on Washington Avenue.

The woman put her bag on a chair next to her as she ate inside the beloved eatery between Sterling and St. Johns places at 2 pm. When she went to pay an hour later, her bag was gone, cops were told.

— Thomas Tracy