Thief steals headphones right off a man’s head!

88th Precinct

Fort Greene–Clinton Hill

Upfront thief

Some punk stole a fancy set of headphones on Fulton Street on Dec 1.

The victim was between Waverly and Washington avenues at around 2:30 pm when he was approached by the perp.

“Give me your headphones, or I will rip them off your neck,” the thug barked. True to his word, he did just that, taking the $250 cans right off the man’s body, cops said.

Pocket watching

A thief snagged a man’s cellphone at Fort Greene Place on Dec. 1.

The victim was between Lafayette and Dekalb avenues at around 2:45 pm when the thief approached and asked, “What you got in your pockets?”

He didn’t wait for an answer before reaching into the victim’s jacket pocket and snagging his Samsung cell before fleeing, cops said.

G’d up

A pickpocket snagged a wallet on a Queens-bound G train on Dec. 1.

The victim told cops that he left the fabled Brooklyn Local at the Lafayette Avenue station at around 11:30 pm and noticed that his wallet, containing $40 and cards, was missing.

Before he could contact his bank, he was alerted to $416 in unauthorized charges.

Cell shocked

A thug bashed a man in the face, then swiped his cellphone on Fulton Street on Dec. 2.

The victim told police that he was at Clermont Avenue at around 3 pm when he heard footsteps behind him. Before he could turn around, a man slugged him in the face and wrestled the cellphone from his hand.

Sharp steal

A knife-wielding thief stole a man’s wallet and cellphone at Washington and Flushing avenues on Nov 27.

The victim told police that he was near the corner at XXXX when the perp came up from behind and placed the knife to his throat.

“Give me your wallet and the phone,” the thief barked, prompting the victim to hand over the goods.

Washington Avenue at Flushing Avenue

Grand theft avenue

A thief stole a woman’s car on Lafayette Avenue overnight on Nov. 29.

The woman parked between St. James Place and Grand Avenue at 10 pm, but the vehicle was gone 11 hours later.

Crooks corner

A burglar stole nearly $2,000 worth of computer equipment and other stuff from a man’s car on South Portland Avenue on Nov. 30.

The victim parked near Atlantic Avenue at 10 am and returned a half-hour later to find that the lock on the passenger-side door had been damaged and that his Dell laptop, hard drive, eyeglasses, computer bag and software had been plundered.

— Colin Mixson

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