Thief steals man’s keys from Clinton Ave. office

88th Precinct

Fort Greene–Clinton Hill

Key thief

A thief stole a man’s keys at his Clinton Avenue office on the night of Feb. 25.

The victim told cops that he left his office between Fulton Street and Atlantic Avenue at around 5:30 pm and came back the next day at 9 am to find that boxes containing computer equipment had been opened, but that nothing was missing except for his keys, according to cops.

Front door ambush

A dirtbag ambushed and robbed a woman outside her S. Oxford Street home on the night of Feb. 26.

The victim told cops that when she was about to go in her front door between DeKalb and Lafayette avenues at 11 pm when the villain approached her and pushed her against the wall, demanding money, according to cops.

The malefactor then demanded to go into her apartment while threatening her that if she didn’t stop screaming he would shoot her, although he didn’t show a gun, according to police.

He then went on to steal the woman’s bank cards, cash, her driver’s license, and even her library card before making a run for it, the authorities said.

Have a seat

A bozo threw a chair at a woman at N. Portland Avenue on Feb. 28.

The victim told cops that she walked into a building between Park Avenue and Auburn Place at 5:35 pm when the jerk threw a chair, which was intended for another guy in front of the building, but hit her in the thigh, causing pain, according to the authorities.

The clod then ran in an unknown direction and paramedics brought the woman to Brooklyn Hospital, according to cops.

Cutting case

Cops cuffed a woman who they say tried to stab another woman with a scissors outside a Flatbush Avenue diner on March 1.

The victim told cops that she was near Fulton Street at 8:50 am when the woman allegedly lunged at her with a pair of scissors. She dodged the attack, before running into the diner for safety, authorities said.

The victim then called the cops, who rushed to the scene and arrested the alleged assailant immediately.

Dodged a bullet

A baddie fired a shot at a guy on the A train at Washington Avenue on March 2.

The victim told police he boarded the train at the Kingston Avenue station and got into an argument with the reprobate. When the victim was getting off the train at the stop near Clinton Avenue at 1:45 am, the lout shot at him on the platform, according to cops.

The bullet went through the victim’s backpack and the victim escaped unscathed, cops said. The attacker fled the scene at Lafayette Avenue, according to the authorities.


Police arrested a man who allegedly hit his home aid with a cane on Ashland Place on March 3.

The victim told police he and his patient had an argument about the man wanting the aid to leave his home between Fulton street and DeKalb Avenue at 7:25 pm when the man whacked the home aid in the face with his cane, cutting his ear, according to cops.

The victim then called the police, who arrested the man at his residence an hour later, according to the authorities.

Bag bandit

A sneak thief stole a woman’s bag on Fulton Street on Feb. 27.

The victim told cops she put her bag down near Clermont Avenue with her wallet in it while she was in a fight with a former friend when a lout took her wallet and ran to the Lafayette Avenue C train subway station near S. Oxford Street.

She was able to recover her wallet, but the punk had stolen her credit card and $30, according to the authorities.

Bar thief

A cur robbed a woman at a bar on Fulton Street on March 2.

The victim told cops that she briefly left her purse, laptop, and phone unattended at the watering hole near at S. Elliot Place at 2:30 am, and when she returned they were gone.

— Kevin Duggan

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