Thief takes off in Porsche from victim’s driveway

62nd Precinct

Bensonhurst—Bath Beach

A steal on designer wheels

A thief stole a 2017 white Porsche Cayene from a 74th Street driveway on May 16.

The victim parked the car — locked and with the alarm turned on — at the home between 14th and 15th avenues at 9 pm, police reported. The owner discovered the vehicle missing at 6:30 am the next day, according to the report.

Breathing down her neck

A trio of thieves stole a chain from a woman’s neck while she was leaving the Bay Parkway subway station on May 14.

The ambush occurred around noon at the station at W. Seventh Street, according to the report.

Home invasion

A brute followed a woman into her 20th Avenue home on May 15 and pushed her to the ground.

The woman told cops she entered her apartment between Cropsey Avenue and 20th Drive at around 5 pm when she was pushed down by the intruder. When she tried to get back up, the perp pushed her to the ground again, and shut the apartment door, but fled soon after, when the woman screamed for help, officers said. The wannabe bandit didn’t make off with anything, according to the report.

Took the second-best thing

A baddie stole a woman’s umbrella — after unsuccessfully trying to steal her purse — at the 20th Avenue subway station on May 16.

The woman told police she was waiting for an N train at the station near 63rd Street just after 5 pm when the nogoodnik tried to take her purse. She tried to defend herself with her umbrella, but the thief grabbed it and fled with it when the train arrived, and the woman called police, according to authorities.

School of hard knocks

A good-for-nothing broke into a woman’s car, parked on Stillwell Avenue, and stole her designer purse, credit and debit cards, and $35 on May 17.

The baddie did the deed by smashing the rear passenger-side window of the car parked at the corner of Kings Highway just after 2 pm, when the woman left the car to pick up her daughter from school, cops said.

Dead of night

A pilferer stole credit, debit, and gift cards from a car parked on 63rd Street on May 17, police said.

The crook likely made the steal — between 18th and 19th avenues — just after 4 am, officials reported.

— Julianne McShane

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