This gallery show is truly celling sex

Hot type: 3rd Ward, a gallery in Bushwick, is calling on you to send in your erotic cellphone photos, text messages and videos for inclusion in an upcoming show. The gallery has already received lots of fun stuff, as these photos show.

Your racy cellphone photos, sultry mobile videos, and salacious text messages aren’t just 21st-century smut — they’re also high art.

The Bushwick art space 3rd Ward is hoping to highlight how wireless technology has revolutionized our sex lives (or could!) with an exhibit of sexy images, videos, and messages that were created on, sent with or watched on a cellphone.

“The cellphone has transformed from something we use for phone calls to something we use for flirting, and picking people up,” said Nikki Bagli, who is helping to orchestrate the “Sex Cells” show. “We know everyone’s doing it — so we decided to show people how to do it right.”

Contributors don’t have to expose their names — but exposing their bodies might help; early submissions include an image of a cat posed beside a woman’s vagina and a photo a man’s crotch titled, gratuitously, “The Bulge.”

Another “piece,” clearly for the fans of the high brow stuff, features one of the dirtiest text messages since Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick got arrested for them.

To enter, visit www.3rdward.com/sexcells. Show opens on June 12.

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