This ‘gift’ garden keeps on giving

This ‘gift’ garden keeps on giving
Photo by Stefano Giovannini

It takes a lot of faith to make this garden grow.

Greenpoint Shul and Greenpoint Reformed Church volunteers joined forces to till a mini-farm behind the Noble Street synagogue this week to ensure a healthy crop of vegetables and fruits for the church’s food pantry and soup kitchen.

This year, the locals were joined by another set of greenthumbs who traveled all the way from Michigan to lend a hand, their expertise, and a few tools to build several new raised beds and turn over some hardened topsoil.

Greenpoint resident Garret Savage called the garden a “great way of supporting the Church’s mission that no one in Greenpoint should go hungry.”

The Greenpoint Reformed Church’s soup kitchen feeds scores of hungry resident and distributes more than 400 bags of groceries to visitors every week, much of which includes fresh vegetables from neighborhood gardens just like the one on Noble Street.

Now that’s what we call a hoe-down.