This is one cool movie theater

This is one cool movie theater
Community Newspaper Group / Stephen Brown

It will be the coolest indy movie theater in the city — with a full bar to boot.

ReBar, the stylish-but-not-pretentious bar and restaurant in DUMBO will soon unveil “reRun Gastropub Theater,” which will screen movies every evening from the independent film festival circuit while also serving up drinks.

“If Sony owns it, we’re not showing it,” joked owner Jason Stevens. “We’re taking movies from festivals like South by Southwest and Sundance that are popular, but don’t get distribution.”

As cool as it will be to have an outlet for indy flicks in DUMBO, the theater itself — with a drive-in-style décor — may end up being the star of the show.

The 60 seats in the space are from old minivans, the chandeliers are made from old hubcaps, vintage cameras and projectors line the bar, and bottles of delicious booze sit atop an old Chevy bumper.

Stevens didn’t buy secondhand movie equipment, however. The projector is high-definition and the surround sound system is cutting edge.

“It really is the ultimate man-cave,” said Stevens.

To top it off, the creative owner is letting his chef run wild with new twists on old familiar movie snacks.

“We’ll serve popcorn with duck fat or bacon fat, handmade pastries, and stuffed pretzels,” Stevens said, giving a few examples of the fancy food moviegoers can expect.

The first flick to be shown is “Audrey the Trainwreck,” which has been making the rounds on the festival circuit.

But the owner is banking on creating a scene that doesn’t just cater to cinephiles.

“The experience is going to be more than just the film,” Stevens said. “Before and after the film — I think that will be great.”

And anyway, “People are going to be drinking, so they won’t remember what the hell happened half the time.”

“ReRun Gastropub Theater” at reBar [147 Front St. between Pearl and Jay streets in DUMBO, (718) 766-9110] opens July 23. Check http://reruntheater.com for showtimes. Tickets $10.