This play is all in the family

This play is all in the family
Photo courtesy of Steve Solomon

Steve Solomon is returning home to Brooklyn, and he’s bringing his beloved bubbe, his stuttering cousin Bob, and his therapist cousin Sal with him.

“My Mother’s Italian, My Father’s Jewish & I’m in Therapy” — one of theater’s longest running, off-Broadway one-man acts — is coming to Brooklyn College on April 1, with the show’s author and creator playing all of the parts.

“There are different actors around the world doing my show. It’s running in South Africa, it’ll be opening in Australia and it was just closed in Toronto,” said Solomon. “But some people have said that I give it a special flavor, and that’s because it’s real to me. I’m not reading the lines.”

The show, which lifted its curtains in 2003, is a family farce, a situational comedy, and a one-man marathon, where a single, tireless thespian takes on as many as twenty-five roles while portraying the eclectic menagerie that makes up Solomon’s quirky family.

“Everybody identifies with somebody in the show,” said Solomon. “They think, ‘That’s my uncle, that’s my aunt, that’s my doctor.’ It’s very sweet humor — 750,000 people have seen it and love it.”

The play has won fans all over the world, but Solomon grew up in the melting pot of Sheepshead Bay and he’s looking forward to performing for a hometown crowd.

“It’s going to be great to work in front of my own group of people,” said Solomon. “My family may have taken me to court to get my artistic license revoked, but they still come to the show.”

Brooklyn College [2900 Bedford Ave. near Campus Road in Midwood, (718) 951-4500] April 1, at 2 pm. $30. Visit www.brooklyncenter.com.

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