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This Valentine’s Day album is sweet as sugar

Brooklyn singer-songwriter Risa Binder’s debut album, “Paper Hearts,” is hitting store shelves on Feb. 14 — an endearing collection of country love ballads just in time for Valentine’s Day.
Photo by Jeremy Cowart

This singer-songwriter is part country dame and part city slicker — and she’s all about the love.

On Valentine’s Day, Cobble Hill’s own Risa Binder is releasing her debut album, “Paper Heart,” a heartfelt country tribute to loss, love and the pursuit thereof.

“It’s a feel good album,” said Binder. “It’s an album about the adventures of being in love, the highs and the lows, and learning to love yourself through that process.”

Binder, who admits she never listened to country growing up, fell head-over-heels for the western swing after portraying a certain country music star in a college play.

“I had to play Loreta Lynn in a show. I started doing research on her and that’s when I realized, country’s amazing,” said Binder. “I grew up listening to pop all the time, but then country came along, and that was it.”

After graduating college, Binder settled in Cobble Hill, in 2005 and, amidst frequent trips to Los Angeles and Nashville, trained herself in the art of song writing. After only a few months, she’d created “an arsenal of songs,” that later became “Paper Heart.”

“The process of making the album was so incredible; hearing the songs come to life like I’d never heard them,” said Binder. “When you write a song you’re telling a story, but when you hear the song it really comes to life.”

In the end, there’s two things that really set Binder apart from any other songwriter — her unmitigated honesty, and her expertly baked cupcakes: She’s an amateur baker, as well.

“I guess I just am exactly who I am, on stage and off,” said Binder. “I also bring homemade cupcakes to all my shows.”

Risa Binder’s “Paper Heart,” out Feb. 14. For purchasing info, visit www.risabinder.com.

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