Three of stomachs! Ortine serves ‘em all

Three of stomachs! Ortine serves ‘em all
Round the clock: Steve Guidi, co-owner of the new Ortine on Washington Avenue, shows off a breakfast pizza and a glass of wine — a symbol of a restaurant that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner.
The Brooklyn Paper / Tom Callan

The problem with your favorite restaurant is that it excels only at one meal a day. But Ortine, which just opened on Washington Avenue in Prospect Heights, serves all three meals every day, and does it exceptionally well.

So The Brooklyn Paper spent a recent day holed up in Ortine:

Breakfast: With a menu featuring all the breakfast basics, coffee by Crop to Cup, free WiFi, and a steady stream of Dylan coming through the speakers, Ortine makes a good first impression. We opted for the granola, a breakfast pizza (pictured, with goat cheese, eggs and pancetta), and Yossi’s Shakshuka, a baked egg dish with tomatoes, peppers and squash, and were completely satisfied. One demerit: Whose idea was serving H&H Bagels?

Lunch: Ortine also serves up amazing sandwiches, including sweet sausage with homemade mustard and mushroom and goat cheese.

Dinner: Though weary from (over) consumption, we enjoyed Barbara’s mushroom lasagna (named after owner Sarah Peck’s mother-in-law) and a spicy curried chicken pot pie (both $13). The apple crumble was the platonic ideal: crispy, crunchy, chewy, juicy and a bit spicy. In short: uncrumbelievable! Or make that scrumblicious.

Whew. That was one great day.

Ortine [622 Washington Ave., between Pacific and Dean streets in Prospect Heights, (718) 622-0026].

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