Three shot in Red Hook

76th Precinct

Carroll Gardens–Cobble Hill–Red Hook

Three shot

A gunman shot and wounded three victims in a shocking July 7 attack on Richards Street.

Cops responded to reports of a shooting at 3:40 am and found three injured men near the lobby of a building between Sullivan and Wolcott streets.

All three victims — ages 19, 20, and 22 — had been hit in the torso. None of the wounds are expected to be fatal.

Cops canvassed the neighborhood, but found no suspects. The investigation is ongoing, a police source said.

Drop it right there

Police arrested a 23-year-old accused of dropping a loaded handgun when he crossed paths with cops on July 6.

Officers were responding to reports of shots fired at the corner of Henry and Mill streets at 11:15 pm when they spotted a man matching the description of a suspect.

Cops say they saw the man chuck a firearm onto the sidewalk, hop into a 2006 Hyundai, and flee toward Hamilton Avenue. They gave chase, pulled him over and took him into custody after recovering a loaded, black Hi-Point semiautomatic pistol nearby, according to investigators.

Bagel bites

Thieves broke into a Hamilton Avenue bagel shop and made off with a TV and cash, according to police.

The burglars got into the South Brooklyn Bagel Cafe between Summit and Van Brunt streets at some point after 3 pm on June 30.

When employees opened up the shop at 6:30 am on July 1, they realized a TV was missing, $120 had vanished from the register, and the rear door was ajar.

Apple snare

A thief climbed through a car’s open sunroof to steal an Apple computer on Bond Street on July 1.

The 34-year-old victim left the computer, which is valued at $3,200, in the car, which was parked between Second and Third streets.

Surveillance footage shows a male crook fleeing southbound at around 10:55 pm, according to investigators.

Bike bandits

Burglars ransacked a Court Street bike shop and tampered with a video camera to destroy any evidence of their heist.

Thieves broke the window of Court Cycles and reached through to unlock the front door of the shop at some point between 7 pm on July 3 and 10:15 am on July 5.

Once inside the bike store, which is between Nelson and Huntington streets, the crooks grabbed a gray safe, $800, and the hard drive linked to a surveillance camera.

Pocketbook pinched

A crook snatched an unattended pocketbook left sitting in a Richards Street playground on July 7.

The thief grabbed the handbag, which the victim had placed on a bench inside the play area between Wolcott and Sullivan streets, while she went to the grill to get a hot dog between 6 pm and 8 pm, according to police.

The perp got away with $20, an Android cellphone, a driver’s license, an immigration working card, a Visa card, and a Chase debit card.— Ben Muessig