Three thugs, two victims, one bullet

Wild shot

Three men attacked a man — and even fired a gun at him — on St. Felix Street on June 25.

The 31-year-old man and his wife said that the trio of trouble attacked the husband between Fulton Street and DeKalb Avenue at 8:17 pm. When police arrived, they saw visible injuries to the man’s head and knee.

The couple told police that one of the thugs fired a single round and that they stole two gold chains from the married man.

Run for the $

A Clinton Avenue apartment was burglarized while the resident went out for a nocturnal jog on June 22.

The 32-year-old runner told cops that he left his home near Willoughby Avenue at 8:19 pm and returned about one hour later to find that a prowler had climbed in through one of his unlocked windows and taken $100, a cellphone, iPod speakers, a flat screen television and a laptop computer.


A woman’s laptop was stolen from her Ryerson Street abode on June 23.

She told police that she had retired to her boudoir at 12:30 am, leaving her computer in another room for the night. When she awoke at 9:30 am, her machine was gone.

The 26-year-old victim believes the thief entered her apartment, between Park and Myrtle avenues, through a window.

Surprise visitor

A burglar startled a woman who returned to her Grand Avenue home on June 23 to find the unwanted stranger standing in her living room.

The hellion said he was “waiting for someone who lives here,” when confronted by the 25-year-old resident at 9:30 pm. He then ran out the front door of the dwelling between Gates and Greene avenues, taking a laptop with him.

Phone zone

A 28-year-old man said that he was sitting in his car on Atlantic Avenue near Fort Greene Place at around 4:20 pm on June 27 when a thief reached in and stole his cellphone.

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