Thug attacks woman with stick

94th Precinct


Sicko with a stick

A thug assaulted a woman on Withers Street on Jan. 2.

The victim said she was about to pass through the gate to her apartment between Humboldt Street and Kingsland Avenue at 6:40 am when the punk blindsided her, smashing her face with a stick. The crook tried to make off with the woman’s handbag, but fled after she started screaming.


A thug attempted to mug a man on N. 12th Street on Jan. 5.

The victim said he was near Bedford Avenue at 5:30 pm when the goon approached him.

“Yo, give me your iPad, or I’ll stab you,” the crook barked before attempting to wrestle the tablet from the victim. The victim, however, clung to the device during the struggle, and the punk, who was unarmed, gave up and fled empty-handed.

Padlock pinch

A thief plundered a bar on Berry Street on Jan. 5.

The bartender said he locked up the watering hole between N. Ninth and N. Eighth streets at 2:30 am.

When the owner returned the next morning, he found that someone had entered through the rear door, took an iPad, cleared out the register, and left the padlock for the back door resting on the bar, undamaged.


A thief snagged a woman’s iPhone on Driggs Avenue on Jan. 5.

The victim said she was holding her cellphone near N. Eighth Street at 8:15 pm when the crook reached out, snatched the phone from her hands, and fled.

Smash and steal

A thief broke into a man’s car on Berry Street on Jan. 4 — taking some cash he found inside.

The victim said he parked his car between N. 11th and N. 12th streets at 3:15 pm and, upon returning the next day, found that his front passenger-side window had been smashed and his cash was missing.

Grand theft Durango

A thief stole a man’s car on Skillman Avenue on Dec. 27.

The victim parked his 1998 Dodge Durango between Graham and Manhattan avenues at midnight and returned two days later to find that his car was nowhere in sight.

— Colin Mixson

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