Thug breaks woman’s arm

94th Precinct


Breaking bone

A violent thug tried to steal a woman’s bike and purse on Nassau Avenue on March 8, but broke her arm instead.

The victim told police she was near McGuinness Boulevard at 12:30 am when the perp approached her and shouted, “Give me your bike!”

When the victim refused, he demanded, “Give me your bag!”

When she said no again, the perp pushed her to the ground, causing her to break her left arm, and fled.

Handsome ransom

An gun-toting thief threatened two different men last week, took their phones, and tried to ransom them back, said cops.

• One victim told police he was on Huron Street near McGuinness Boulevard on March 10 at 7 am when the perp approached him and asked if he wanted to buy drugs.

When the victim refused, the thief allegedly pulled out a black gun and ordered the man to hand over his phone, telling him to call later and buy it back.

• The next day at 8:55 am, the same jerk allegedly approached a victim on a bicycle near Bedford Avenue and asked to use his phone.

The victim told police that the villain said, “Let’s make an exchange, my nine for your phone,” and pulled out a gun to emphasize his point. The victim gave up his phone and the thief fled, said cops.

Police later arrested a suspect.

Cash stab

A thief stole $300 from a man and stabbed him in the chest on India Street on March 10.

The victim told police that the crook approached him inside a building near Manhattan Avenue at 1:50 am and demanded money.

The brute then grabbed the cash from the victim’s pockets, stabbed him in the right side of the chest, and punched him in the face and stomach before running away.

Frosty reception

A would-be burglar tried to break into a Frost Street home on March 7.

The tenant told cops that he heard someone at the door of his home near Manhattan Avenue at 6 pm, and when he went to answer it, saw the man on his knees trying to pick his lock with a screwdriver.

The tenant chased him away and recovered a scraper, knife, and a crack pipe.

Phony drugs

A thief tried to sell drugs to a man, but stole his iPhone instead, on Norman Avenue on March 9.

The victim told police that he was near Guernsey Street at 5:30 am when the crook approached him on his bicycle and said, “Do you want to buy any drugs?”

The man said no, so the perp ordered, “Give me your phone,” reached into the victim’s left pocket, and fled with the phone.

Rim job

A thief stole a car’s tires and rims on Java Street on March 8.

The driver said he parked his car near Manhattan Avenue at 4 pm, but when he returned at 6 am the next day, he saw his tires and rims were gone.

— Aaron Short